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Nuclear Plague vs Hard News

Posted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 11:40 pm
by Badnik96
i outrange him, outdamage him and he can't hit anything but my disc unless i fuck up majorly. also one hit to his chassis is death

spin up, wait for him to approach, hit him wherever. keep hitting him until he dies. don't let him juke me out. those wedgelets will fold like paper when they hit me and are all angles so they should just blow off on the first hit, then i can abuse the corners those made to make more corners. don't let him see my sides ever.


Re: Nuclear Plague vs Hard News

Posted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 11:59 pm
by Whammerist
This is an extremely close fight -- we both have essentially the exact same stats. There's no real way this match happens without a multitude of constant weapon to weapon hits. Yes, I've got a lot of gyro forces that my opponent doesn't have -- but my angled spinner making contact with that low disc means he's going to Tombstone-dance around all over the place, meaning that this boils down to a mirror match of who can maintain control or who can get the chassis / wheel shot OHKO first. We win either way/

1) As mentioned prior, he's Tombstoning around with that disc whereas our blade can't hit the ground and richocet us unless we're completely flipped over, which would be such an erratic collision that neither of us could capitalize on. The only person with a chance at a chassis shot is me, and I'll be going for it all-match (while not overextending or falling for baits).

2) This also means that we maintain control -- we're going to make aggression the 100% focus on our driving, win us those control and aggression points, and win the match.

The gyro forces that are our only downside to this mirror match go out the window after a collision since our opponent bounces around more than we do. We spin-up and stay aggressive, hounding our opponent and going weapon-to-weapon non-stop until we inevtiably get that perfect chassis stop or win on control. Since our stats are both the exact same and we're both violilate spinners, there's also a chance both of our weapons break. If that's the case, we once again win EASILY as the only bot with a wedge. Self-right if needed, adapt, don't be stupid, etc.

Good luck to both bots!!!