Antbar and SawnDisc Gen II vs What's The Scoop?

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Antbar and SawnDisc Gen II vs What's The Scoop?

Post by Billy5545 » Fri Aug 09, 2019 7:17 am

Antbar and SawnDisc Gen II:
- Antbar: 4/2/1/11/6
- SawnDisc: 4/2/1/12/5
What's The Scoop: 6/5/4/0/15

It's a pretty easy fight, considering they are a jokebot. While their armor is non damageable to us, the rest of the design is not competitive. Even the wedge is rounded rather than sharpened. They also have no weapon and very high ground clearance. Meanwhile, our hinged wedgelets will get under all the time and our weapons will be enough to score a favorable judge's decision on all categories.

We will send in SawnDisc to attack the side of the bot, aiming on the wheels or other parts to wedge and get some sparks on, while Antbar will go head on to the front to cause tiny bit of damage and more importantly flip the bot around a bit to control it. We will just do it for the rest of the fight.

However, watch out for any opponent trick, and drive well.

Good luck Wham

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Re: Antbar and SawnDisc Gen II vs What's The Scoop?

Post by Whammerist » Sat Aug 10, 2019 11:44 pm

Big scary chair do big scary ram!

We don't take any damage from our opponent, and I'm not scared about being knocked over by SawnDisc because it's a saw apparently and doesn't even cut into my armor with the saw so I'm not worried about it catching my bot armor, it literally has no leverage or any way to knock me over -- so with that in mind, my plan is simple!!

Rush down and stay on top of Antbar, if I get caught on those tiny hinged wedgelets it's whatever I'm still going to stuff it up and charge it into the wall, smother it, pretty much ignore SawnDisc since it's can't touch me, I need to flip over AntBar because I can easily do that and once it happens, it's toast. Go for that the entire fight, don't let AntBar knock me over or get anywhere near my sides, just charge it again and again until I can finally tip it over -- once I do, it's game over, begin to smother and bully SawnDisc once AntBar is inverted and earn the easy JD.


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