Hati vs. White Cat (ROBOT3 MW Week 7)

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Hati vs. White Cat (ROBOT3 MW Week 7)

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Thu Aug 08, 2019 8:44 pm


Hati: 8/7/3/0/12

White Cat: 4/3/1/16/6

CONFIGS: Sword config please.


Okay, that drum hits HARD and he’s got a good wedge. I have to be cautious here. Don’t go for box rushes, and avoid attacking him straight-on. Instead, take advantage of his poor speed and the MASSIVE gyroscopic forces that thing will have by constantly veering from side to side, circling him, and trying to either force him to gyro wildly to keep up with me, or get one of my pontoons to the side of his forks and under his big corner blocks to tip him back before his drum can contact the other one. Try to keep closing speeds relatively slow to make his already awful bite (2 teeth + 16 power drum needing huge rpm) even worse. Do NOT engage him in positions where one hit could OOTA me.

Once under him be VERY wary of him doing radical flip maneuvers off me. Push at a controlled pace, and be ready to nope out of there if he does something crazy that leaves him at my side – but he’s just as likely to get me a free shot at his sides or back. Try to pin him against the walls and run that clock down.

One stray hit could mess up my pontoons, but this isn’t game over. Keep trying to get under him as he gyros; even a damaged wedge will get under him if he basically falls onto it, and if they’re curled up badly enough they could actually risk high-centering him or keeping him from backing away. If I’m having trouble with that… then YOLO the fuck into him. If he doesn’t throttle down, which he has yet to attempt, his weapon will break itself with repeated abuse, and I can hopefully take a few hits on the plow. If his weapon goes down then continue all-out aggression: even if my wedge is useless against his forks the dead drum will make us lock wedges and I can easily win the pushing battle.

If he does throttle down he’ll still be at some risk of gyro-ing unless he goes so far he loses the ability to seriously damage me, so use a similar strategy to bait him into that.

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Re: Hati vs. White Cat (ROBOT3 MW Week 7)

Post by Cha0sFerret » Sat Aug 10, 2019 4:21 pm

Aight so he's going forks. He has 12 armor to my 16 weapon. So far, so good. He also has big, tall wheels, and I have a weapon that lifts me up when I turn. You see where I'm going here?

Spin up and turn to be parallel to one of the walls behind me, and drive forward. If he box rushes, that should make it harder for him to actually hit me. Now the fun part: once I'm up to speed, drive toward him and stuff because I'm not scared of a brick with double my speed, and turn sharply whenever we're close together. The goal here is to lift my weapon up and over the rest of his bot to try and destroy one of his wheels. Follow up with whatever I can do to most easily KO him in as few hits as possible (or if the weapon is dead, just push and pin the crippled Hati). Even if I hit parts that aren't the wheel, the damage will add up over time and I might end up accidentally KOing him outright. Which, if that happens, you won't hear any complaints from me :P

If my weapon dies before I can pull that hit off, angle in on those forks and start pushing. Will I get him very far? No. Does it make it harder for him to do it to me? Yes.

Avoid the low wall if possible. Don't bother going for OOTA.


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