Omnicrap vs V2

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Omnicrap vs V2

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Sat Aug 03, 2019 11:52 pm

Omnicrap: 8/ 7/ 3/ 2(1 each)/ 10(+3 wedge thing with the anti vert forks) i just said what config :V
V2: 5/ 3/ 1/ 13/ 8(+2 wedge)

I am considerably faster, can strafe, and have better control and torque. His weapon does nothing to my wedge (unless corner damage which is likely) and little shock damage. If he hits my chasis then i am in trouble, notice how he has to first get through the hinged wedgelets before that happens.
If i press i have the better wedge by a bunch, if i don't press i still has the better wedge but not by that much. It will likely come down to angling because of long forks so just don't press unless i need to for some reason.

Basically i want to be very aggressive for the entire fight. I want to use my drive advantage to not just head straight in, instead i want to angle in, attack from the corner or straight up circlestrafe around to attack from the side or flank. Mix and match these to reduce my predictability and discard flanking when it consistently fails.
If i get wedged but not thrown away for some reason back off and try again. If i do get thrown self right if necessary and then try again.
If i get under and get him on top of me give him a tour around the arena that last as long as possible, my top has catches to keep bots from falling off. But my current wedge isn't designed for that so instead i will likely push him. Then i might be able to mess up one of the thread by either pushing from the side or messing with it with my forks, otherwise just push around and try to flip him as his invertibility is questionable and i can even use my weapon to stop it from self righting, potentially stopping his weapon leaving it unable to self right even after i let it go (thus i win).
Remember i have a flamethrower, be aggressive, keep him pinned, flipped or otherwise controlled for as long as possible, avoid getting hit or doing mistakes, GL HF
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Re: Omnicrap vs V2

Post by Billy5545 » Sat Aug 03, 2019 11:59 pm

V2 vs Omnicrap

They are going for their armor config. While our weapon will deal no damage to the forks, on the other hand, it will deal serious damage to their main chassis. Said chassis also has the ground clearance to easily get under if we can slip our forks. Their lifter is also very slow, so we should be able to get away before it can even lift, especially with our rolling tracks. We are also invertible.

Try to angle in on any part of their bot that is the closest to us. If we failed, just back away and J-hook immediately, before resuming. If we succeed however, try to work our way through the fork while moving and into the chassis with our spinner. If the pin timer runs out and we are in the chassis already, just back off before getting under and attacking quickly and immediately. If we also somehow overturn them, keep attacking them aggressively while they try to self right slowly, without chance to recover.

Watch out for any tricks, and drive well.

Good luck YSQH

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