ROBOTS 3 Week 6: Hard News vs. Ilwoon

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ROBOTS 3 Week 6: Hard News vs. Ilwoon

Post by Whammerist » Sat Aug 03, 2019 11:09 pm

Hard News: 5 Speed | 3 Traction |1 Torque |15 Weapon (14 for spinner, 1 to srimech) | 6 Armor (+1 armor bonus to the bar)

Ilwoon: Speed: 5 | Traction: 4 | Torque: 1 | Weapon: 13 | Armour: 7

Spin to win, charge it and angle in, hit it once anywhere that’s not the weapon and we win. I’ll try to fake it out for a little bit before just taking the blow and charging the awkward design while it’s tipped over from the massive weapon vs. weapon collision. Regardless, I’m never letting Ilwoon get anything more than a couple 2 damage hits on my bar, and the second my massive spinner connects with anything that isn’t Ilwoon’s weapon, they’re toast.

Don’t let them flank, we’re the same speed - we drive smart and adapt, self right if needed, yada yada yada. Good luck to both bots.

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