Der Adder vs DSTMH

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Der Adder vs DSTMH

Post by Botomatic1000 » Sat Aug 03, 2019 10:50 pm

Using the raised top armour and long Wedgelets.
Alright so if you look at the render of DSTMH which shows the insides you can see that there are NO motors powering the back wheels, meaning it can not strafe at all. Spin up immediately, as soon as the match starts and just go right for him once spun up, angling my attack slightly to the side if he decides to head for me hammer first or straight on if he chooses to approach wedge first. I have the longer Wedgelets either way and I believe the narrower ones, I am also 2wd so have an advantage. I shall juggle my hits and break him down gradually as he only has six chassis armour, that plus fragile omnis/mechanums or whatever that can be fucked up esiky means he isn’t all that strong at all. All he can hit is either my drum, my skirts or that top panel, no sensitive internals. If for some reason I am flipped then I’m invertable and willl just go for him to flip myself over with the power of my drum. Keep on juggling my hits, tossing him around and damaging him. Keep spun up and always face him Drum first at all times.

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