Storm Worm vs <3

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Storm Worm vs <3

Post by Wolf51-50 » Sat Aug 03, 2019 10:05 pm

<3: 5/3/1/14(13/13)/7 - normal side hammer config

Storm Worm: 7/5/3/5(3/3/3)/10(+1 front) - balls of steel config

Balls of steel lifters with hammer blockers on

He's got two hammers with a lot of force coming from either side. That's gonna make him jump quite a bit. He's also got a lot of range, but not a lot of speed, and those mecanums probably won't be enough. Rush at the start and begin closing in on where the hammers will hit. Jump out of the way before he fires (2.5 seconds wooo) and take the hit on my side plows and would you look at that. They block the hammers from getting to my sides. If he really misfires, get under a hammer and flip. See if I can chain flip towards a wall and get him in a position where I can pin without him damaging me. Also if he rides up my wedge he'll either just hit my side plows or get them stuck inside my hammer blockers, allowing for me to drive him around. Don't let him see anything but my front unless I'm doing a couple flank fakeouts. If I can get that pin I'm hoping for, see if I can go for the OOTA. While this is going on, keep my body lifter arms behind the bot unless I'm using them to lift my body while he's pinned. If I can and if it does happen, take the hits on my not wheel portions of my sides :V.

Good luck

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Re: Storm Worm vs <3

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Sat Aug 03, 2019 11:19 pm

He is faster but not by much and we both have equal control.
I deal 4 corner damage on each hit on anything that isn't hit front. This is significant damage and it will be hard for me to hit in the high armor part so...
Just stay right in front of him and when we are close enough fire the hammers, use my strafing abilities to make sure i am right in front of Storm Worm and we are facing each other. I am probably a bit wider than him, increasing the chances of me hitting his sides instead of the balls. Those lifter arm things on the sides don't look heavily armored and i also have a good chance of hitting his front wheels, once i take those out the fight will be much easier.
I am pretty sure that his goals is to get under my front and flip me immediately because not firing right away will give me an opportunity to attack and he doesn't have the drive advantage to approach from somewhere that isn't my front. He might try to bait me into firing before attacking so don't fire until i am sure i can hit, this will likely end with me getting flipped before hitting him but i can counter it a little by reversing while he approaches. I will likely get flipped but that doesn't matter because i am 100% invertible and can continue fighting right away, i might need to turn around tho.
Stay away from the walls so he can't pin me because control points, try to always be the bot closest to the center so even if i back away a little and i get flipped anyways i still have a distance from the walls.
If i am wedged at an angle where i cant hit him and he didn't flip me for some reason back off or something and fire as soon as i can while landing a hit.
IDK what else, don't comit error i guess
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