Whirlpool vs Epic Waluigi

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Whirlpool vs Epic Waluigi

Post by V900 » Sat Aug 03, 2019 9:40 pm

4 Speed / 3 Traction / 1 Torque / 15 Weapon / 7 Armor
Epic Waluigi (solid discs)
Speed: 4
Torque: 1
Traction: 1
Armor: 8
Weapon: 16
Spin the weapon upward. Approach carefully and hit him with the xbawksheug weapon. That's all folks.
but i'll start upside down
That gives me more corners to bite on your bot. Try again.
i'll angle in
No you won't. Not when we have the same speed. If you try to angle in, I can also turn to accommodate, and my wheelbase is MUCH wider than yours.

Smack that weapon support of his and watch the fireworks.

gl hf

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Re: Whirlpool vs Epic Waluigi

Post by attackfrog » Sat Aug 03, 2019 11:17 pm

Didn't I just fight this robot a couple weeks ago? No, you say? That was Di-Trouble? Oh. Sorry, they just look so similar...

Anyways, same basic strategy as I used then: start Whirlpool upside down, so the big disc can offer some protection from Waluigi's attacks. Take out Waluigi's fragile wheels so that it has trouble moving and even more trouble spinning its weapon, and then take the rest of it out too.

In addition to starting upside down, I'm going to be starting facing backwards. I want to hit EW with the ring at its highest position possible so that EW's much less likely to be able to climb on top of Whirlpool and attack it from above. Of course, I'll be maneuvering to keep it from hitting Whirlpool's chassis too. Whirlpool's got much better control than EW, so I'm confident in my ability to choose where we hit each other. I'll go weapon to weapon if I can't hit one of its wheels, but I'm confident I'll hit a wheel and take down the Epic Waah! eventually.

GL again, Noah!
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