Defenestrator vs. Ten Transformation Tanuki (ROBOT3 HW Week 6)

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Defenestrator vs. Ten Transformation Tanuki (ROBOT3 HW Week 6)

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Wed Jul 31, 2019 11:46 pm

Speed: 7
Traction: 6
Torque: 2
Weapon: 4
Armor: 11 (+1 front wedge and lifting forks)

Speed: 8 / Traction: 7 / Torque: 3 / Armour: 12 / Weapon: 0

Wedgelets config please. Tri said he’s using Eurypterus.

I’m not really sure why Tri picked this config. Its wedge is only perfectly ground-scraping at the front, and while it’s very low there, I have forks and wedgelets which the point will tend to go between, letting me get under the sides. If he’s inverted the sides will have YAWNING clearance, and his tail should keep him from torque-reaction self-righting. Even if it’s flexible I doubt it can go all the way under his chassis. The other possibility is he’s gonna try to stick that pointy nose into my clamp chains, but I think it’ll hit the second, further back cross-bar of the lifter before that.

So: be aggressive from the start, mostly going for his front and trying to keep him away from my side pontoons. DO NOT press the lifter since it won’t help / isn’t necessary when the lowest parts of our wedges are narrow enough to “miss” each other most of the time.

He can’t high-center me easily, if at all. I can almost always keep at least one back wheel on the floor, and if he gets under my lifter forks then the wedgelets will get under his sides, so I can just press the arm down on top of him to clamp him and push him around. If pinned against the wall, bring the lifter back and press against the wall repeatedly to get free.

If I wedge him, clamp and lift ASAP. If I can grab him before he backs away, he’s compact enough I should just be able to pick him up, and since he has no active weapon, if I lift him in the air there is NOTHING he can do but pray I mess up. Lift enough that he’s thoroughly off the ground, and if I don’t faceplant then line myself up, reverse towards the wall, and go for the OOTA. If I am faceplanting then find a balance where my front wheels are still on the ground but his traction’s either broken or reduced to almost nothing, and slam him into the wall as hard as I can or spin-and-fling. Also get him inverted if possible since that renders him even more vulnerable to my wedge.


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Re: Defenestrator vs. Ten Transformation Tanuki (ROBOT3 HW Week 6)

Post by Trihunter » Sat Aug 03, 2019 7:34 pm

Again, keeping it quick coz it's late.

Bull-rush in, aim the central spike of the wedge right in the middle of Defenestrator's lifter. Considering its shape, if we line it up right, it should hopefully get cleanly under, then we can stick them into the wall or something. Aim for constant, aggressive plays, using our drivetrain to dance around the arena and pressure for more pushes from various angles. Even if we get flipped, don't stop, keep up pressure. Considering the way the body's shaped, Defenestrator would actually have trouble latching onto anything if we're upside down, letting us shove them around more. Aim for side pushes, see if we can scoop and slam them so they tip over.
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