Idiot Triangle vs. What's the Scoop (ROBOT3 FW Week 6)

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Hooray For Lexan
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Idiot Triangle vs. What's the Scoop (ROBOT3 FW Week 6)

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Wed Jul 31, 2019 11:43 pm

Idiot Triangle:
Speed: 16
Traction: 1 (+3 spinup)
Torque: 1
Weapon: 2
Armor: 10 (+2 teeth)

What’s the Scoop:
6 Speed
5 Traction
4 Torque
0 Weapon
15 Armor

Okay, I’m fighting a chair. A CHAIR.

First of all, regardless of what the torque and traction stats say, he’s got a Bronco-level long wheelbase for its width, and his wheels are narrow, have literally no tread, and are made of HDPE, a plastic sometimes called the “poor man’s Teflon” and commonly used for applications like skids and bearings because it has a VERY LOW COEFFICIENT OF FRICTION. There is no way that robot should be capable of accelerating or turning quickly and controllably.

Second, while he can absorb hits from me all day, he’s tall and unlike HUGE has no spikes on the wheels to keep him upright. It’s not a question of if he’ll fall over, it’s a question of when he’ll fall over getting smacked around by a horizontal spinner all day. And then… Life Alert time!

Third, getting corner hits on the side of that wedge is going to be really easy.

Get out of the corner and spin2win. This is honestly going to be a derpfest: I can’t damage him but his ability to control me is also very limited and he’ll be bouncing both of us all over the place, monstertrucking me as his wheels flop around, and other dumb stuff like that. Again, until he falls over.


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Re: Idiot Triangle vs. What's the Scoop (ROBOT3 FW Week 6)

Post by Whammerist » Sat Aug 03, 2019 1:21 pm

Look, there’s already perfect precedent for this fight in the form of my match versus Post-Traumatic Stress, another death spinner — and there’s absolutely no reason to think we can’t do the same thing here. Sure, he’s got a spin-up bonus, but it means nothing once we’ve got him against the wall; while melties are unstable, sure, every time he slams into me or a wall, he’s losing a majority of his KE — whatever control disadvantage you think my design has, it’s offset by the fact that my opponent has a literal third of my speed and I’ve got a massive chair for a wedge that he can’t damage. He doesn’t flank into the side of me and knock me out... he’s slamming into a slope that knocks him away from me. every. time. Also, even if gets to my wheels, it’s him doing zero damage to HDPE... I’m simply bending away, not falling over.

So, the strategy is simple. Control him and stuff his spinner, slamming him with the front wedge and throttling forward at every opportunity, then exhausting the pin timer when I can’t him. There’s zero need for me to engage on unfavorable terms, my opponent crawls at a snail’s pace. If he’s ever around to my side, just... back up. Like, flanking isn’t even real.

Also adapt drive smart don’t over extend yada yada yada good luck to both bots!!

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