Di-trouble Gen II vs Epicer Waluigi

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Di-trouble Gen II vs Epicer Waluigi

Post by Billy5545 » Sat Jul 27, 2019 11:31 pm

Di-trouble Gen II: 5/3/1/14/7
Epicer Waluigi: 4/1/1/16/8

Epicer Waluigi goes with non flail triangle discs

Now it's a battle of the HUGE inspired bots. While our weapon is two points weaker than them, and their armor is slightly superior, we do think we can still win. We have an edge on speed over them, and our traction is also better. We also imagine that they will gyro from the power of their weapon, while we can move better from both lower power, as well as better traction.

We will first try to move into the side instead, as well as maneuver in a way to force Epicer Waluigi to gyro around, impeding their turning. We aim to avoid running into their weapons, or exposing our wheel straight into their weapon. If we are successful in in that, we will immediately pop them up in the air by hitting their wheels or an easier target, the bar like thing on the center of the wheel, keeping to attack it until it gives up. Both of those are pretty fragile, because with 8 armor, they receive 6 damage, which is pretty serious even with the standard ARC rule. If we fail and they threaten to hit out body or wheel, however, immediately back off and J-hook slightly, as we have the speed and traction edge, and to force them to gyro, thus impeding their movement and attack against us.

Drive well, and watch out for any tricks they will pull, reacting to it quickly and accordingly.

Good luck V900

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Re: Di-trouble Gen II vs Epicer Waluigi

Post by V900 » Sat Jul 27, 2019 11:43 pm

non-flail disc

This match is pretty cut and dry. He's got less points in armor and weapon, and not enough drive to bypass my fuckheug weapon. He can try angling in, but no way does he get the weapon in before I can hit those long protrusions coming out his front.

Maybe he could try reversing into me? He didn't bother including a rear view of his robot, but I assume he doesn't have the rods going out the back too. If he does reverse, then his weapon is still too small to maneuver around my giant chadblade. My wheels are also made of the HUGE-style HDPE, while his don't seem to be.

Really just spin up and aim for any part of his robot. His discs are the most armored part of his robot at 11, and they still take 5 points of damage on impact. His chassis and wheels are even worse. A hit or 2 tops should get the job done.

gl hf

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