Hard News vs Y.V.

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Hard News vs Y.V.

Post by V900 » Sat Jul 27, 2019 11:00 pm

anti spinner plow

1. If for some god forsaken reason I go head to head, the bottom of my plow will just wedge itself between his wedgelets and weapon anyway and prevent him from sliding under and hitting my chassis.
2. I'm fast enough to nope the low-range weapon entirely and go for an angle-in. Maybe not full-on flanking, but angling in is good enough to deflect the weapon. Hard News also only does 3.5 (rounds down to effectively 3) shock damage, meaning I don't have to be too concerned with that.

Main strat is to angle in repeatedly, pop the weapon upward to get underneath, then shove him into the wall. Preferrably the shorter ones so I can go for the lift -> OOTA combo, but the tall ones are okay too if those are the only ones viable.

And uh, that's about it. Use my omniwheels to swivel and smother, don't do anything dumb and look out for quirky Tax Cutter-y strategies.

gl hf

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