ROBOTS 3 MW: Uptown Funk vs Abyss

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ROBOTS 3 MW: Uptown Funk vs Abyss

Post by Hiicantpk » Sat Jul 27, 2019 9:33 pm

Uptown FunkAbyss
Speed: 8Speed: 4
Traction: 7Traction: 2
Torque: 3Torque: 1
Weapon: 2Weapon: 16
Armour: 10Armour: 7
No forks on.

Thats a pretty scary weapon, thankfully I have double their speed (or at least a lot more, i dont remember the exact rules on it), a control ratio advantage, torque advantage, and don't have to deal with any gyro forces from a spinning weapon like they do.

Head out to the middle of the arena and see what they do. If they corner camp, I can't really do much so I guess drive in figures eights until they exit the corner. Its Monsterworks so I doubt they'd do such a lame strategy, but just in case. Theres also the chance that they do something entirely unexpected like gyrodance and try to hit me from above or something crazy.

Circle around them, juke and move to make it hard to predict when I'll actually go in for the flip or just drive past, and if I get a chance with them gyrodancing/otherwise being out of a position to attack me, get under and flip as soon as I can. I don't want to risk them monster-trucking over my bot or otherwise hitting my wedge when I start to drive under them. With their low speed and control in comparison, I should be able to get the fight towards the wall where I can go for a cheeky oota, but if it means running into their drum don't risk it (aside from last-30-second attempts at winning, the impact may pop them up and out for all I know)

If at any point they start camping near the wall with the drum pointed at me or in the corners, resume the figure 8s until they stop.

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Re: ROBOTS 3 MW: Uptown Funk vs Abyss

Post by The Monsterworks » Sat Jul 27, 2019 10:51 pm

Abyss: 4 speed / 2 traction / 1 torque / 16 weapon / 7 armour (skids on)


Uptown Funk: 8 speed / 7 traction / 3 torque / 2 weapon / 10 armour

I do grievous damage in a single hit, but he has a significant speed advantage. My main challenge in this fight will be landing that hit and I'll have three minutes to do so. Meanwhile, he'll have to avoid being hit by my drum for three minutes. That's... not exactly easy to do with a bot like Abyss.

Hii could box rush me, in which case I need to line up sideways and reverse along a high wall, going evasive to slow his closing speed. If he's closing in on my side quickly, I can execute a rapid 90 degree turn that'll bring my outer wheel high up in the air from gyro lift before cutting the drum and dropping down on him. Even if I'm doing four or five instead of full damage, it's going to hurt, and his flipper is packed in really tightly against his wheels. Warping it in any way will be... very bad for him.

That said, he probably won't box rush because of his low armour. He WILL, however, be confident in his speed edge, so his most likely approach is to avoid taking my drum head on. With that in mind, the plan is to spin up immediately, drive forward slowly to give a false impression of the speed difference between us and throw off his timing, and make my way to the center of the arena. Just sit there, slightly out of line, giving him an easy shot. He might get cautious and not take it, in which case I want to trundle after him to score cheap aggression points only to dart backwards at full speed when he finally shows some aggression and hooks in for my side. That'll catch him out with his side exposed. Take that shot. If he goes aggressive from the start, just skip the 'trundle forward' part of that plan. I'm slower, yes, but I still have a drivetrain and it needs to be respected.

That's not to say it's perfect so, as a general rule, try to keep turns small and linear. Try to show forward movement when I can to gain some easy aggression points. Bait and feint to get him to whiff, retreat, and generally be unsure of himself, It'll be effective because my weapon is the scary one here and he has to know that. He's not going to want to take gratuitous damage. If he maneuvers himself into a bad position trying to set up his own offense or avoid mine, I can also score an OOTA over even the high walls, while he can't even do it over the low one. Keep that in my back pocket. Finally, after dealing a hit, try to chain. If that's nonfeasible, then retreat in reverse, drum facing him, to slow his closing speed and spin back up. Then, catch him chasing and go from matador to bull.

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