HardWired III vs Beaned

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HardWired III vs Beaned

Post by Botomatic1000 » Sat Jul 27, 2019 9:10 pm

HardWired III: Speed: 5 Traction: 5 Torque: 1 Weapon: 12 Armour: 7 (+2 Wedge)
Beaned: no lol
Using Wedgelets.

Spin up as soon as the match starts and go right for Mini Something, I have the superior wedge, being 2wd forks with more weight pushing down as a single 30lb bot. it has 1 armour, it’s one hit and done. Then go for Coso, get a couple hits in, it should be dead in one or two, once again, I have the superior Wedge. Then I can just juggle Brick for a bit, tossing it about, getting under it nice and easily with my superior wedge and eventually knocking it out. The key is to always be on the move, taking ‘dive bombing’ runs towards one robot at a time, running away before I can be caught after I hit them with the disc before I can just focus on decimating the one after the other two are eliminated.
Best of luck.

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Re: HardWired III vs Beaned

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Sat Jul 27, 2019 11:40 pm

Yeah so i am 2/3 faster and this opponent only has 5 chasis armor, meaning that COSO will do damage big time.
HardWired also has questionable self righting and i own a flipper somewhere.

Basically i want to use BRICK to run into the spinner for the entire fight to keep it busy. I guarantee he wants to take out Mini Something first so it will stay the fuck away from HW's front. Instead it will either flip it to see if it can even selfright at all or try to get under its back or ideally side to clamp down there and then have COSO come from the other side and slice through the tinfoil armor.

Drive carefully enough to not get hit anywhere that isn't the thick titanium plow on BRICK, i want to survive, you know.
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