Storm Worm vs Overcutter

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Storm Worm vs Overcutter

Post by Wolf51-50 » Sat Jul 27, 2019 9:05 pm

Storm Worm: 7/5/3/5(3/3/3)/10(+1 front)

Overcutter: 4/3/1/15/7

Using the curved plows for this fight

His wheels are at the front for some reason. Gyrodance anyone?

Feign a box rush and then slip to the side to flank while using a bit of skidding to gain a bit more speed on the flank. Hopefully he'll gyro and become unstable, but if not get underneath and flip him over. If he has caught up to me keep driving around until I get somewhere. If I have to face him head on, force my way underneath and using my side lifters to lift myself up and flip him over. Back away if he slides off. Rinse and repeat although I question his self righting ability.

Good luck

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Re: Storm Worm vs Overcutter

Post by Billy5545 » Sat Jul 27, 2019 11:28 pm

OverCutter vs Storm Worm

Curved plows for Storm Worm

Their armor can still take serious damage with 9 on their chassis, causing 6 damage if we connect with the chassis or rest of the bot than front, as well as 3 shock damage if we hit anywhere. It will especially be bad with the wheels, which are exposed. Also, the main lifter lacks lifting ability, so it won't threaten us much in case they try to get us on our back. We can also self right and spin recklessly and out of control around while doing so if we keep the weapon on, despite what the Star Spangled fight showed.

Because of their speed, we will just try to face them head on and immediately force our weapon to hit them. We will focus on hitting the main part of the bot, rather than the two forks on the side, attacking it aggressively and relentlessly, to break it as much as possible, as well as rack damage and agression. However, we will also watch out for attempts to OOTA by them, backing off so they won't lift us out, before resuming our agression. If they do somehow manage to lift us inverted however, try to self right and spin around to hit them while self righting.

Drive well, and watch out for tricks, reaching to it quickly and accordingly at first sign.

Good luck Wolf

(Note: Sorry for the deletion earlier, but I posted the wrong RP for this. The original one was meant for the FW fight, and I posted it wrongly earlier)

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