Idiot Triangle vs. Entropic Degeneration (ROBOT3 FW Week 5)

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Idiot Triangle vs. Entropic Degeneration (ROBOT3 FW Week 5)

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Sat Jul 27, 2019 1:18 am

Idiot Triangle: Speed 16 / Traction 1 (+5 spinup) / Torque 1 / Weapon 2 / Armor 10 (+2 teeth)

Entropic Degeneration: Speed: 5 | Traction: 3 | Torque: 1 | Weapon: 14 (10 saw (free 3-pt arm), 10 horizontal crusher) | Armour: 7 (+2 crusher)



First of all immediately spin up and GTFO my corner. At this point be as aggressive as she lets me get away with, although I’m likely to end up in pinball mode anyway. I can spin back up in under 2 seconds, and she has no wedged surfaces to pop me in the air (at least not that’ll remain intact for more than 1-2 hits).

There’s two ways she can approach me: with the claws closed or with them open.

If they’re open, there’s a risk of being corralled, but I can also deal MASSIVE corner hits to the tips of the claws and send both bots flying. Strafe randomly at top speed as she comes in for the hug. One direction, hitting the claw will send me flying away from her. The other direction, it will send me towards her, which would suck for me if it weren’t for the fact that her 5-armor front end including exposed gears for the claws and pokey forks are right there waiting for me.

If they’re closed, there’s not much for me to hit and her front’s incredibly tanky. However, again she can’t pop me up with no wedge. She’s also got a long body with the wheels in the back and the claws way out in front, so the hits will spin her around really easily. Finally, because she’s taking 5-point shock damage from every full-speed hit, she can’t just tank the blows all match: something, quite possibly her claws’ drivetrain or mounting, will give. Keep hammering away at that crab!

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