Hati vs. Hurricane (ROBOT3 MW Week 4)

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Hati vs. Hurricane (ROBOT3 MW Week 4)

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Wed Jul 17, 2019 10:18 pm


Hati: Speed 8 / Traction 7 / Torque 3 / Weapon 0 / Armor 12
Hurricane: Speed 5 / Traction 3 / Torque 1 / Weapon 13 / Armor 8

CONFIGS: Sword config (forks) for Hati.


Rush most of the way across the arena, then let him come out closer to the center before attacking. Angle in on his side wedges or the vertical/non-flush sides of his spatula when possible.

Hurricane’s got a lot of power, but front-wheel-drive = center of weight at or behind his wheels = his side wedges won’t be ground-scraping at all and the flipper can only work like a hinged wedge since retract springs strong enough to “press” it would take the weight off his wheels. I should be able to get under even the flipper most of the time. It also means, with his low ground clearance, that high-centering him is VERY easy. He can flip to free himself, but he’s got so much power he’s likely to overturn himself in the process. Be ready for him to do this and position myself so he’ll land on top of me when he self-rights – note also that he might overrotate when self-righting even with a RH flipper – T-Minus did sometimes. Try to make him use up his gas supply – which will be limited with such a powerful flipper - as much as possible doing this.

His flipper’s shape also means I can just push against the center of it, he can’t high-center me, and I have way more torque. If I get wedged and there’s a wall anywhere near behind me, GUN IT FORWARD and force him back to about the arena center before breaking off. His flipper shape will tend to cause vertical launches, so if he’s being pushed backwards away from the wall he won’t be able to get me out. Otherwise J-turn or spin in place and possibly smack him aside with the pontoons.

Keep the pressure on him, and try to CAREFULLY stuff him against the high walls far from the low one. He’s almost certain to be fishing for an OOTA, so always keep in mind the positions/angles where he’s likely to be able to do it with a quick flip, and don’t rush in if he does something lulzy like corner-camping.


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