Hallucinogen vs. Ilwoon (ROBOT3 LW Week 4)

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Hallucinogen vs. Ilwoon (ROBOT3 LW Week 4)

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Wed Jul 17, 2019 10:17 pm


Hallucinogen: 5/3/1/14/7
Ilwoon: 5/4/1/13/7

Horizontal spinner please.

Start upright. Spin up and head out of my square, wait for her to be in the middle of the arena, and move cautiously in.

Her axe has very limited reach, especially close to the floor where my weapon is, because it’s short and its pivot’s really high up. She shouldn’t be able to reach my weapon supports before I can hit her wedge. Said wedge consists of 7-armor pontoons with sides that are steep or even vertical. She might use her rear scoop, which is a little bit better, but I can still just tear through it. Against her front attack head-on – sideswiping her hammer will also cause serious damage and could make her topple onto her side (she’s got a high center of gravity and flywheels have gyroscopic forces). Against the scoop, if she rushes in aggressively do a retreating J-turn in the direction of my weapon counter-torque and tighten it into a spin in place; this could hit her side and take a wheel out as she passes by. Her scoop isn’t really a threat to me so there’s not much risk in not pulling the maneuver off; she has to either retreat, ram her scoop into me (which will still get her hit), or attempt a rapid swing-around of her own which will REALLY expose her sides and be made tricky by the gyro-forces of her flywheel. If she’s using the scoop passively, still see if I can clip a corner of it but otherwise it can only take a couple of hits.

If my blade gets knocked into the floor or I go flying off her wedge, err on the side of turning the weapon off early and not turning it on until I’m confident I’m in control. We have equal speed and she’s not that fast, so if I get both wheels on the floor I should be able to dodge her for a few seconds.

Apart from that, spin2win.

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