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Hellhound vs V2

Posted: Sat Jul 13, 2019 7:41 pm
by Madman
I'm almost double his speed and he's a vert with long wedgelets and poor control. Keep my wedge facing him and angle in ruthlessly on this mofo. Circle, gain the advantage, and charge. Bait him out and then punish him when he overcommits. Stay on top of him and smother his weapon constantly. Don't be dumb and give him free corner damage.

If he's tipped at a high enough angle, he can be high-centered. Even if he isn't, I push with 6 speed in this rule set and he drives with 5. Adjust course to s-turn with him and keep him on my wedge. Plow with extreme prejudice into the walls and, when he's pinned, overturn him or stack him on his side or back. When he's on his back, his weapon motor sticks up enough that his tracks won't be getting any traction. If they're on pivots, uh... they still won't be getting any traction. Best case scenario for him, he'll barely be able to drive, making my job even easier. If he's able to drive at all, don't flip him back over. Keep up 3 minutes of pure aggression and angling.

Defensively, don't be dumb and run right up his forks. I shouldn't really even need to press, though I can do that once or twice if we're not closing in on each other fast, just to throw him off. I'll probably win that, but if I ever see him getting under, I can hook away immediately. He shouldn't be able to keep up and rapid turning will probably cause him to gyro a bit. Turn defense into offense right away. If I'm flipped, go evasive for a few seconds while I rotate my plow around to face him. Then go back on the attack.


Hellhound: 8/7/4/1/10 (+1 plow)

V2: 5/3/1/13/8 (+2 plow)