Hati vs. Don't Strangle the Martian Horses (ROBOT3 MW Week 3)

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Hati vs. Don't Strangle the Martian Horses (ROBOT3 MW Week 3)

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Thu Jul 11, 2019 11:55 pm


Hati: Speed 8 / Traction 7 / Torque 3 / Weapon 0 / Armor 12

DStMH: Speed 5 / Traction 5 / Torque 1 / Weapon 11 / Armor 8 (+2 wedge)

CONFIGS: Sword config (forks) please.


Quick point re: hammer-flippers. Flippers need to be geared for very high force at the tip of the arm to accelerate an opponent’s weight up to the relatively low speed (15 mph upward = 7’ height) needed for a flip, hammers need to be geared for less force but more speed to accelerate the fairly light hammer head up to high speed over the entire distance of its arc. There’s a reason why even powerful hammers like Chomp and Beta self-right more gently than top-tier flippers. You can’t do both optimally at the same time, and his design makes it worse because he has to lift his own weight as well as mine, and a small internal flywheel won’t have much momentum even if it has lots of energy. He ain’t getting Bronco-tier flips.

Anyway, be continuously aggressive aside from avoiding putting myself in dumb positions that’d risk an OOTA. Try to gauge how well he can actually flip by trying to attack in the middle of the arena at the start. Get under him from whatever angle works. I’ve got plenty of speed to keep him from circle-strafing me, I have a more effective wedge than either end of his bot, and my forks are so much longer than his that often I can just get under his chassis / plow without them coming into play. Push him around and slam him into the walls. I might be able to high-center him, and while he’ll probably be vaulting off of me a lot he’ll still be on the defensive, he’ll still be constantly having to give up his stored energy on that, and I can just scoop him up again. There’s no “Style” category here, sorry Mute wannabes.

If he wedges me from the front, my forks will butt against his vertical chassis; push him back until he backs off or I get hit twice. His hammer can’t damage me AT ALL, and he can’t just wail on me like Blacksmith because flywheels have to spin back up. The rear? Back off the flipper if possible, otherwise I’m invertible, I’m faster, and he’ll have flipped himself and be wide-open while he self-rights.

Keep him stuffed against the high walls as much as possible, and just don’t give him an inch of breathing room all fight.


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