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Ilwoon vs Y.V.

Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2019 11:23 pm
by V900
Anti-spinner plow

I'm gonna keep this short since there's not a whole ton to dissect about Illwoon. It has a wacky spinner-hammer hybrid weapon that may or may not work (I'm leaning toward "not" personally). I just have to flip it once and bing bang boom the match is over.

Tilt the plow up a bit to protect the chassis further than it already is. His 13 weapon hammer does 0 damage to my 13 armor plow, so it can take scratch damage for the entire match and I'd be okay with that. I have the speed to ensure that I don't get angled in on or flanked.

If she decides to shoryuken me by spinning the blade up, it'll hit the underside of my 13 armor plow and I can just drive away with my higher speed after getting flipped or whatever.

It should be noted that Illwoon will pop itself up into the air when firing it's weapon. I'll use this as a chance to swooce right in and get the flip.

Use my plow as a hammer blocker, slam the opponent and go for that flip.

gl hf