Shadow vs Tabor

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Shadow vs Tabor

Post by Tcrrr » Sat Jul 06, 2019 6:50 pm

Her: 6/4/3/7/10
Me: 6/4/1/13/6
Wedgelets on
She's gonna use her omni directional assault spatula, AKA the tongue of doom

Right so I'm gonna make it so that tabor And me go head on, I'll charge forward once I'm up to speed, and I'll use the drum to buckle up the wedge, I'll counter her flat wedge with my wedgelets by angling in, combine that with the beak going upwards from the drum and her bot is gonna end up on top of mine, which means I can go and drum away at it, the chassis has only 10 armor so I'll be doing about 3 damage every time I hit it, so repeated hits to the chassis will absolutely kick it's shit in, I'll make sure I don't get OOTAd, and I'll make sure to not drive like an utter cockroach.

Good luck Cassie
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