ROBOT3 LW Week 2: Hallucinogen vs. Hard News

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ROBOT3 LW Week 2: Hallucinogen vs. Hard News

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Thu Jul 04, 2019 8:31 pm


Hallucinogen: Speed 5 / Traction 3 / Torque 1 / Weapon 14 / Armor 7
Hard News: Speed 5 / Traction 3 / Torque 1 / Weapon 14 bar + 1 srimech / Armor 6 (+1 bar)

Horizontal spinner please.

Drivetrains are equal, although gyro forces from his angled spinner could lift his wheels off the ground if he turns too fast in the wrong direction. Weapon-to-weapon’s even, but he takes an extra point of shock damage.

Start upright. Spin up and get into the middle of the arena. I’ve got to spin counterclockwise here because of my tooth shape. Looks like he can do either.

If he’s spinning clockwise, our tip speeds and rpms will be close. W2W hits will likely be glancing. As the bots meet it’s possible our teeth will even just pass by each other without actually hitting each other for a couple revolutions… and this is GREAT for me. His bar’s angled, so I’ll be approaching from out of its plane, and a couple of “whiffs” will bring my tooth into contact with his weakly armored wedge. Not only will this HURT, but a badly torn or warped wedge could contact his own blade and either jam it up or get shredded even more. Ram into him at high closing speeds to maximize the chances of this happening.

If he’s spinning counterclockwise, again his bar’s angle means it’s not really protecting the sides of his wedge from a low-ish blade. Try to turn to the side before impact and see if I can sneak my bar in below his and strike. If it’s not working, make one or two tries at exposing my side to bait a reckless attack and then swinging around and forward, or circling around him against his spin direction to try to make him gyro and lift his wheels in the air. If that fails, I still have a slight advantage going weapon-to-weapon, and the gyro forces could make him less controllable after hits.

If I’m somehow flipped over my blade will be higher and hit closer to his hub, giving me quite possibly a BIG tip speed advantage if he spins counterclockwise.

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Re: ROBOT3 LW Week 2: Hallucinogen vs. Hard News

Post by Whammerist » Sat Jul 06, 2019 11:15 pm

Woah, well -- this one is extremely, extremely close. The stats are pretty much dead even -- so what's my strategy?

I will be ensuring that my weapon is clashing against his, straight on - we're dashing forward at him at top speed, not allowing for any angle in or around tomfuckery.

Obviously, make sure I'm spun up before we collide - but my absolute priority is maintaining aggression and a higher pace that it's unlikely my opponent will be able to maintain, as I'll be using my angled spinner to knock him upwards and dis-orient his bot while never letting up. Keep in mind that, while my design as an angled spinner inevitable gives me some gyro issues - the second we connect, his Tombclone-esque design sends him careening and bouncing around un-controllably from an extremely high impact, angled hit. Yes, we'll be suffering from the hit as well, but we should pretty much always be staying on our wide wheelbase -- and even if we don't, our dedicated self-righter should mean that we're able to get back up to speed and attacking before he quit bouncin' around.

That should be the superior strategy -- because, when we've both got similar stats, and as not I'm not playing stupid to obvious shenanigans (if it's not obvious, I want to drive smart, self-right when necessary, and adapt to whatever my opponent throws at me), I should easily be able to be more aggressive and either clench out a JD or, if I'm able to genuinely catch him after an awkward gyro dance, obliterate his chassis, tear off a wheel, or even just break down that weapon, have both our weapons break, and easily destroy him in a crippled wedge vs. no wedge war... I've got so, so many paths to victory this fight, I should have the better gameplan, and I should be taking home the W.

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