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Apocalyptic Peacekeeper vs Tabor

Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2019 10:54 pm
by Wolf51-50

Yeah yeah she's got a turret. So what? He's got a full wedge with a tiny fork and half the forks to support it. Funny how it can lift without tipping when it's lifter seems to get longer every year. And with that being said, rush at the start. I'm bettinf that she's gonna press, which will take her wheels off the ground, angle in and get underneath. Start shooting my support forks forward slowly and lift the forks up and in between the arms of the lifter and pick up Tabor by said lifter. Clamp once I have a good hold. She can wiggle and squirm all she wants, she's not going anywhere. Carry her to the short wall and send her on her merry way: out of the arena. If she gets under me, I got big wheels! Use em! Drive away and get another angle to wedge underneath. Keep trying fakeouts to keep her busy, and in no way shape or form is that turret gonna be perfect with where it's placed. So just wait for that 10 speed fucker to stop and land and angle right in. He can't move his lifter when pressed either btw. Continue sliding under, clamping and lifting away with the hope of sending her out of the arena.

Good luck