Electron vs Epicer Waluigi

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Electron vs Epicer Waluigi

Post by V900 » Sat Jun 29, 2019 7:37 pm

Armour: 8 (+2?)

discs without flails plox

I'm gonna assume that "(+2?) refers to his front wedge. He didn't declare config either, so I'll also assume he went with the spinner killer wedge.

But yeah to begin the match I want to come out of the starting corner slowly and carefully. Since he's got 5 speed and iffy traction (3 disparity, same as me. matters more for him because of his smaller wheelbase), I don't really need to focus much on playing the aggressive. Just kinda rev up in front of him and let the spinner do it's thing. If I hit his weapon, that's 4 corner damage on the weapon and 5 flat-surface shock damage on the everything else. That is not sustainable for 3 minutes.

If he decides to go woke and also play the defensive, wait it out until the last 1:00 of the match and then score the money shot.

Don't get my wheels hit. If they do, eh. The HDPE will survive a few shots and I can follow it up with a hit of my own.

gl hf

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Re: Electron vs Epicer Waluigi

Post by CodeSilver23 » Sat Jun 29, 2019 9:01 pm

The plan is simple: Start off with a box rush, but dont actually attack. Just keep going left and right, forcing him to have to rotate (unless he wants his wheels to get ripped off) in order to constantly face me. Based off of what I've seen with HUGE, there is a high chance that E.W. will end up making mistakes and oversteer, allowing me to rip off a wheel with my hooked spinner. Then circle around and disable the other wheel.

Good luck, V900, and may the best bot win.
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