ROBOTS 3 FW Week 1: What's the Scoop? vs. HardWired III

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ROBOTS 3 FW Week 1: What's the Scoop? vs. HardWired III

Post by Whammerist » Sat Jun 29, 2019 5:22 am

What's the Scoop?HardWired III
Speed: 6Speed: 5
Traction: 5Traction: 5
Torque: 4Torque: 1
Weapon: ⛔Weapon: 12
Armour: 15Armour: 7 (+2 to wedgelets)
Config: N/AConfig: Wedgelets AKA Wedge "Letty"

Well... it's the moment you've all been waiting for... the chair is out to play!!

Let's talk big picture for a second - what do I need to do to win this fight? First of all, my top priority... not dying. There's no real way my opponent can damage me here, so my only fear whatsoever is that of falling onto my side -- we can ensure this doesn't happen for a multitude of reasons; his spinner is really only knocking me upwards, and it's not hitting for any damage -- it shouldn't be that big of a factor at all, so as long as I don't drive like an absolute madman and make intelligent decisions (defensive driving away from the wedgelets / drum if he's trying to go for my wheels, for example), I should be able to stay upright just fine.

As stunning as this chair on wheels is, it's certainly not grabbing a KO anytime soon, so I'm going to need to win a judge's decision. Damage is a complete wash, as neither of us can do it to each other, so it's going to come down to aggression and control. This is where I've got a clear edge - the wonderful thing about our design is that, even if I lose the wedge war once we go head-to-head... it means almost nothing, because I've got far superior torque and he can't do anything to me -- I either get caught against the drum spinner or against his wedge, and push HardWired III into an easy pin which should result in me getting the opposing bot into my scoop, or I simply ramp over HardWired III without breaking a sweat, allowing me to vie for a new angle and a new attempt at scooping up the bot. If I do end up ramping over him, it's practically a guaranteed win the next time we clash, as I've got the perfect vantage point to come at his back and scoop him up -- if I don't nail his back, it doesn't matter, because as long as my wedge clashes with any part of him that isn't his front wedge, I'm golden, and it then becomes an easy scoop for the scoop KING.

Once I get HardWired into the scoop, regardless of method, the real fun begins -- he's going to have a very hard time actually getting out, considering the front wheels should do a solid job of boxing in the compact design of HardWired, not to mention the rigid chair body giving him some awkward "ground clearance" issues during any escape attempts. Now that he's stuck along for the ride with us, we're earning absolute control as well as the clear advantage on aggression, driving HardWided around, likely slamming the bot against walls to look cool for judges, and maybe claiming some damage points for doing so. Nevertheless, if we can keep this up, the fight is clearly ours.

TL;DR - come at him with the scoop right off the bat, and don't let up the pressure -- drive intelligently as to not get flipped, and get him in the scoop via catching him at awkward angles after ramping over him, to decisively win control as well as aggression.

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Re: ROBOTS 3 FW Week 1: What's the Scoop? vs. HardWired III

Post by Botomatic1000 » Sat Jun 29, 2019 9:05 am

Oh lord lol... oh lordy lordy Lord...
Spin up as soon as the match starts, moving in for the kill as soon as I can, head on, always facing him with my weapon. so he has both a rounded AND a static wedge so whilst I’m never going to be damaging him, he’s never going to be getting under me, especially with my Wedgelets that just perfectly slot into his raised wedge sides. He can’t reakly flank me with only the +1 speed advantage, not to mention that he is all HDPE with no tread so he’s gonna be skidding like Bambi on ice. Try and aim slightly for the sides of his Wedge so I can just flip him onto his side, stranding him. I’ll be a sport and move to his side so I can give him a hit that will hopefully self-right him so the match can go on. Rinse and repeat this tip and flip back tactic for about five times or so for a laugh, letting him get counted out on the final time.

Best of luck Wham, should be fun haha

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