CBC3 HW Championship: Dreadnought MK4 VS Black Diamond (The Brawl For The Bowl)

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CBC3 HW Championship: Dreadnought MK4 VS Black Diamond (The Brawl For The Bowl)

Post by GF93 » Sun Jun 09, 2019 10:07 pm

Solid Wedge Tip
Black Diamond
Speed: 8
Traction: 6
Torque: 2
Weapon: 5 (Rear-Hinged Pneumatic Flipper)
Armour: 9

Dreadnought MK4
Speed: 7
Traction: 6
Torque: 3
Weapon: 3 (Front-Hinged Pneumatic Flipper)
Armour: 11
BD's record speaks for how well that combination of speed/power works! His traction ratio is worse however, so I'm more agile/manoeuvrable, and my higher torque lets me accelerate faster and makes it easier for me to both press attacks or dodge. My flipper’s far less susceptible to misfiring, self-rights faster and longer at low pressure, and is better-suited to maintaining control. Armour doesn’t mean much here, but his teeth/corners are vulnerable to being angled into, and his frame hampers his self-righting if he lands directly on his front and stops me going up the scoop too much: considering I'll always have at least one wheel making contact, this helps with getaways.

I'll play it differently since this comes down to driving. From the Carbonemys fight, he's evidently aware I’ll likely bait: so I'll start aggressive, attack when he expects me to bait, force him onto the defence, start baiting when he wises up to that, and switch between both approaches as needed. To quote Sun Tzu: ”All warfare is based on deception... when near, make the enemy believe we are far; when far, make him believe we are near.” TL;DR: Attack when he expects baiting, bait and counter when he expects an attack, and press my advantage to the fullest when I gain it.

Move out quickly, watch where he comes from, and aim for his sides, front corners, or sides of his wedge (if he has them) as I approach. Force my way under, flip him over (preferably directly onto his front), get under to stop him self-righting, and get comboing. Be ready for any sudden evasive manoeuvres, and to counter each. If he monster-trucks or reverses/j-hooks: copy his movements to keep under before he reaches top speed, then flip. If he tries accelerating or using a full-power flip to jump over me: reverse accordingly, catch, flip.

When he adapts, that’s the time to bait. Feint attacks toward his aforementioned weakpoints, reverse/j-hook out the way or cut across his corner at high speed to bait him into misfiring, then counter with a flip of my own. Pile on the aggression when attacking: flip, shove, limit his movement to near walls/hazards and cut off any escape routes, keep him upside-down and wasting gas on failed self-righting attempts, and myself underneath. Squash him into walls to wear down the clock, actively stop him from self-righting and pursue him if he runs away. Don’t take the bait if he starts turtling near the walls, but if he’s weakened enough when the walls drop, go for the OOTA to finish him.

Defence is aggressive but unpredictable: actively taking the fight to him, punishing any mistakes, and constantly keeping him guessing and forced onto the defence. Keep constantly moving, don't flip unless I'm definitely underneath, conserve gas for self-righting as needed, dodge and counter immediately if wedged under, and if flipped, self-right immediately and escape before resuming. Unless I'm using them myself, STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THE WALLS AND IEDS.

Good luck.

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Re: CBC3 HW Championship: Dreadnought MK4 VS Black Diamond (The Brawl For The Bowl)

Post by The Monsterworks » Sun Jun 09, 2019 10:34 pm

My weapon, speed, and (toothed) wedge are better. Alex is going to leverage his slight control edge and torque but I think our respective ability to actually use our weapons is the tiebreaking factor and I win it.

The onus is on him to bypass my better wedge (which IS proper 2WD) so, in addition to angling in constantly, he’ll have cute strategies. At some point, he’s going to bait and feint. He’ll follow my movements if I’m wedged. He’ll try reversing tricks. He’ll mix in other things to change it up, including right angle hooking and that corner cutting thing. He knows he's predictable, so he'll try being unpredictable. He’ll obviously try to avoid the walls since he’s a careful guy. Let’s assume I’m a competent driver who won’t fall for things more than once or twice.

My best counter’s threefold: first, readiness. He goes half aggressive and half predictably devious pragmatic. I know and expect what's coming for when it does. I can react quickly and automatically. Second’s flipper design and speed. His flipper needs more bite to flip than mine. Even if it’s not a ton, it’s still significant and I’m exceptionally fast. A quick hook or reverse out of his way or a sudden charge while he’s doing something cute can cause a misfire or expose him to a counter. Third's not letting him dictate the match by taking the initiative. All of those ‘tricks’ I mentioned are things that I’ll be doing. Yes, I might oversteer occasionally. I have the first two minutes to feel that out and get a tab on how he reacts. For the most part, however, my greater speed will allow me to employ those tricks more effectively. I also have two other key advantages:

I have the better wedge as fallback, offering me a passive offense and ward-away that he has to work around to create his. If all else fails, I’ll beat him h2h more often. Further, I can’t be high-centered except from directly behind. He can be high-centered from anywhere except directly in front and he’ll be trying to create angles. When I win angled wedge contests, he’ll be stuck on my wedge and forced to flip to escape. I won’t give him that time.

Overall, I plan to force h2h when possible, stutter engage and feint occasionally to create predictable openings where he'll try angling in, and finally counter his known tricks by using my speed and anticipation to charge and cut off his angles, stutter engage, back off of his wedge immediately to cause misfires, and flip him quickly when under. Use my speed to keep his back towards the edge but give him enough space to think he’s safe. His self-righting propels him backwards and makes him tip back when landing. That’s a critical opening (and one that my weakly invertible design with loads of ground clearance doesn’t give him – I can run and self right if needed). Rush under and chain him out.

Best of luck, mate. It’s been a long road but a good one. Here’s hoping we can toss back a few more beers in a pub someday and reminisce about it like old friends and foes.
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