CBC3 Lightweight Semifinals: Terpsichora vs. Blood Eagle

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CBC3 Lightweight Semifinals: Terpsichora vs. Blood Eagle

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Sat Jun 01, 2019 1:57 am

TerpsichoraBlood Eagle
Speed: 5Speed: 4
Traction: 4Traction: 2
Torque: 1Torque: 1
Weapon: 11Weapon: 16
Armour: 9 (+2 wedge)Armour: 7

Ken config (thicker wedge) please.

Okay, he can KO me pretty quickly at full speed so I have every hit COUNT. Don’t bother rushing on Vertigo: just let us both get spun up. At that point charge into him at high speed, from an angle that will knock him towards the wall. Unless he camps on a floor spinner he can’t really get more than 20 ft from one, and that distance gets eaten up fast with the MASSIVE recoil from such a long bar, plus being such a long blade as an undercutter makes hitting the floor almost guaranteed if he hits a wedge. Aim for his weapon’s center, not any wheel he tries to bait me with, and turn slightly into his spin direction for maximum deflection (if he’s upright) / uppercutting (if he’s inverted).

After the first hit immediately go straight after him, and try to predict which way he’ll ricochet off the wall. Again, just slam into the bar if it’s spinning at reasonable speed and try to throw it into the wall and stop it. If I can get the blade stopped do not give him an INCH of space: if need be physically get inside the triangle of his “T” shaped chassis and just keep pushing against him to keep him from spinning up. Trying to turn away from me could expose his rear. If I get a hit, follow up and keep following up until I get a wheel.

Even if I can’t STOP the blade, I can keep him slowed down and in the range where his massive spinup torque and repeated low-speed impacts will keep him spinning around out of control. Again keep ramming him; if the blade’s below like 75% speed it can’t hurt me, and if he’s in an uncontrolled spin a lucky shot can tear a wheel off. 4 corner damage is also potentially dangerous against his chassis if I can keep the “combo” going.

If I get a wheel, then his weapon is DONE when he’s upright. I know he’s got those circular protrusions right next to the wheels and I can guess what they’re for, but the problem is his blade is very close to the ground and very long, so even a TINY lean will put his teeth into the floor. If he’s inverted he’s still dangerous, though. If he’s upside down try to flip him back over PDQ and if he’s not carefully wait for an opportunity to snipe the other wheel.

If by some miracle the fight lasts 2 minutes, go for the OOTA! Even a near miss could get that odd-shaped chassis and blade hooked around the mini-IEDs somehow, which would give me a free shot at him.


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Re: CBC3 Lightweight Semifinals: Terpsichora vs. Blood Eagle

Post by Madman » Sat Jun 01, 2019 6:34 pm

Blood Eagle: 4 speed / 2 traction / 1 torque / 16 weapon / 7 armour


Terpsichora (Ken config): 5 speed / 4 traction / 1 torque / 11 weapon / 9 armour (+2 wedge)

At first look, this fight seems similar to the ROBOT2 final between Vorpal Bunny and Riptide. There are a few big differences, though:

1) Riptide was faster than Terpsichora, allowing it to pressure VB more effectively. Terps only has one speed over Blood Eagle (7-6). He’ll eventually catch me, but I should have enough time to get back to speed, especially if I drive away.

2) VB’s and Riptide’s shapes made most hits weapon-to-weapon. Look at Terps’ Ken config and my weapon’s height: there’s enough wedge below his disc that our blades shouldn’t even touch. My undercutter will hit it for five damage and be deflected backwards more than up because of its steepness. Even if my weapon hits the floor, I’m still ricocheting away safely.

3) Riptide’s wide weapon was hard for VB to get bite on, and the bot was also invertible. If our weapons collide, both are being hit out-of-plane. Mine (as an undercutter) will hit his at the bottom or (as an overcutter) at the top. Look at actual fights between undercutters and VS and it’s not just the HS getting flipped backwards. The VS usually ends up being flipped sideways.

HFL’s obvious move is pressure in spades, flipping me, and chaining. He’ll try using my own recoil to jam up my weapon and toss me either into the walls or the IED and Danger Zones so he can get to my wheels or my body (which has rounded corners, so no corner damage for you). As I outlined above, I don’t think that’s going to work well because my weapon can totally avoid his as an undercutter and will probably flip him as an overcutter. The second I hit his wedge below the drum, it’s also going to mangle it into the weapon’s path or at least give me free corner damage.

Whichever way he tries to launch me recoiling, I’ve faced him enough to know that he’s gonna try using angles and rotational direction to his advantage. I could try the same, but he’s a little quicker so, instead, I’m gonna approach him like normal for a w2w hit and then reverse at the last second to see what he does. If keeps coming, then we just hit. If he tries to hook into my spin direction, I can dart forward to catch his side or corner. Either way, the angle changes and that’s to my benefit.

If he’s somehow able to uppercut my disc and flip me, that’ll put me in overcutter, which keeps my blade away from the floor and should help me ricochet less and settle down faster. The moment I have traction, run from him to spin up, using my weapon torque to turn faster and swing my blade around to face him, retreating in reverse until up to speed.

After that, rinse and repeat until he’s dead, paying attention to hazards, walls, and OOTA possibilities, adjusting rationally, and staying aggressive whenever spun up and evasive when not.

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