CBC3 SHW: Cruelty vs. Final Boss (Round 2!)

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CBC3 SHW: Cruelty vs. Final Boss (Round 2!)

Post by attackfrog » Sat May 25, 2019 9:48 pm

Cruelty: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=8773&start=15#p70769
Final Boss: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=8773&start=15#p70765

Cruelty's using the big plow because the forks didn't work too well last time.

Cruelty's a little speedier and it's got the torque to push Final Boss around. It's also got better wedging, given that I can press the wedge into the ground, and even Final Boss's flipper should have trouble getting underneath it.

My plan is to angle in on Final Boss a bit, trying to avoid its flipper somewhat, but mostly focusing on getting well underneath it. From there I'll try to push it toward the big IED or onto the little IEDs to make it so Final Boss can't control itself well. If I get flipped over, I'll try to get one of the little IEDs to pop Cruelty back upright again.

In the last minute, with the walls gone, I'd love to push Final Boss out, but hate to get flipped out. So if I have a good opportunity to push FB out, where it's unlikely to be able to twist around and flip me, I'll try to do that. Otherwise I'll keep closer to the center, but still keep on the offensive. If FB's camping by the edges at that point, I'll go in carefully, press as hard as I can, and try to wedge it out (being careful about being baited into a trap, of course.)

Good luck Josh!

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Re: CBC3 SHW: Cruelty vs. Final Boss (Round 2!)

Post by NWOWWE » Sat May 25, 2019 10:40 pm

-One powered lifters. For when you want to beef up your wedge ability but can’t commit to having a weapon that’s worth anything offensively. He’s slightly faster but that’s almost completely negligible really.

-The plan here will be to just keep going at him as aggressive as I can. There’s not really much downside since his lifter is trash offensively and even then he’s using the big plow which is really more of an anti spinner kind of thing than an efficient wedging device. Also if he presses down the plow, it’ll hurt his drive and potentially make it easier to attack.

-So go in aggressively and just keep trying to find a good angle to attack. All I really need to do is get under him once and score a good flip to invert him. Flipped over he’d be completely defenseless against getting wedged. I’m not sure if that lifter can rotate a full 180 degrees, but I do know it would still take about 4 hours for him to do it if he could. So keep him inverted and just focus on slamming him around. Then there should be a good OOTA chance later in the fight.

-Make sure to keep my flipper pointed at him as much as I can and just try to stay offensive at all times. J-hook away and stuff any time I get outwedged.

Good luck!
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