CBC3 Quarter Finals - Neophyte Redglare V.S. Diablo Genesis III

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CBC3 Quarter Finals - Neophyte Redglare V.S. Diablo Genesis III

Post by Sylandrophol » Fri May 24, 2019 10:09 am

Ah shit, here we go again.

I'm not going to use my lifters here, unless I have to self-right or otherwise need them. I'm also going to stay near the middle of the arena--NOT the center of it, but the middle ring, and avoid the hazards and getting sent to them. They're probably going to expect me to that too, so watch for that and adjust my strategy if they do so.

We both have very similar stat spreadouts, but they have a torque advantage over me, and they're definitely going to use that in their favor here, so watch out for that. Another thing that they're probably going to expect is me going for their sides or back--which I am going to do, but i'm going to play it smart here--i'm going to be slick and try to trick them into firing their flipper/lifter early, and while they're activated--go in for the kill and plow them into the hazards--try to keep myself on them if they try to slide off too. In short, be aggressive, and don't let them get the upper hand.

I'm also going to try not to get caught in their lifter or dustpan, and if I get wedged, j-hook off ASAP. Overall, watch for any shenanigans that they might pull, and expect them to do the same for me on their end. Try not to get yoinked out of the arena too, because that'd be helpful.

Good luck!
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Re: CBC3 Quarter Finals - Neophyte Redglare V.S. Diablo Genesis III

Post by Wolf51-50 » Sat May 25, 2019 10:24 pm

Flipper, normal wedge, wedge forks on

Heheheh. Here we go again.

Let's start by going around the IED. Start with the jaw open. No flipping yet. Clamp them quickly and don't allow them to escape before I can bring the jaw down. Turn with him as the clamp comes down until I have a good bite on him. Send him immediately towards the IED. Go near the inner rings without my wheels touching and release him just before so he'll have to drive himself on to the IED to escape. If this doesn't work very well, then just settle for smashing him into walls. Also try bringing the flipper into play now and then to flip him over (the thought of his 1 weapon lifters self righting with any given speed is lol. Clamp him while he's inverted and continue smashing him about. When the walls fall, flip him once to invert and then flip him again quickly to send him out.
Do not let him angle in on my front and make sure all he sees is my front. We have equal speed and traction so that shouldn't be a problem. Only flip when he's relatively on my wedge. I'm not about to give him any free advantage of me for him to get undercutter and pin me in an awkward position. If he presses before contact, he's only gotten under my flipper and I can just use the dustpan. If he's under my dustpan to, then press against those long forks or his wedge with my better torque. Self right if flipped, keep him in front, and use a combination of flips and clamps to ensure a JD is won or a KO when the walls fall.

Good luck

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