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CBC HW WK 14: Spitfire (E) vs Death Metal

Posted: Sat May 11, 2019 11:24 pm
by Shaba117
SpitfireDeath Metal
Speed: 6 Speed: 5
Traction: 6 Traction: 2
Torque: 2 Torque: 1
Weapon: 6 (4 flame/4 lift/clamp) Weapon: 15
Armour: 10 Armour: 7
Config: N/A Config: N/A

Soo, big open arena and uncertainty whether I make it into damn right I'm ready to fight to the death!

Start with my weapon facing the corner, spin up to 3/4 power or so, and drive backwards towards Spitfire. Assuming that he attacks me directly, drive straight at him, spin up to full power, then swing around with the momentum of my blade and get a good bite at him. 10 armor all the way around means that I should be taking a nice chunk out of Spitfire with every impact and it shouldn't take me long to KO him, or at least cripple him severely.

With that, try to avoid the corner low walls/OOTA zones. If Spitfire tries to stuff me into walls/corners, power down the weapon and focus on escaping the situation at hand before bringing the weapon up to speed again and regrouping, then making him pay for it.

GL, Mole!