WK14 Black Mamba vs Dysprosinator

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WK14 Black Mamba vs Dysprosinator

Post by British-Robotics » Wed May 08, 2019 1:25 pm

IMe and Black Mamba have the exact stats for speed and traction however I have the better wedge. So that gives me the advantage to get in underneath, so instead I'll attack the front of Black Mamba to use that wedge advantage with my hinged wedges to give Black Mamba some problems, raise my lifter as high as possible whilst underneath and slam him against the arena wall and go for an OOTA.

If the first tactic doesn't go to plan and if black Mamba self right's, quickly reverse away to get some space and go forward again and attack the front of Mamba, I will not flank nor angle, just attack the front with every possibility to catch up Mamba and stick to flipping over my opponent and shunting against him for OOTA attempts.

Good luck mate and may the best British bot win!

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Re: WK14 Black Mamba vs Dysprosinator

Post by GF93 » Sat May 11, 2019 11:58 pm

Speed: 7
Traction: 6
Torque: 3
Weapon: 2 (Electric Lifting Arm)
Armour: 12

Black Mamba
Speed: 6
Traction: 5
Torque: 4
Weapon: 4 (Electric Lifting Arm with Rack-and-Pinion Stabilising Forks)
Armour: 11
Dysprosinator has a good drivetrain, and the lifting arm and heavily-armoured design are very slick. He's got lower torque/acceleration than I do though, I'm fast enough to keep up, and I not only have the stronger lifter, but can press it down whereas he can’t. I can also self-right and move while inverted more easily, whilst he has those polycarbonate wheel covers that stop him from running inverted. Even if he can, his self-righting is far slower and more awkward, which works in my favour!
I'll want to be aggressive, take advantage of his inability to press or keep me pinned down, and force him onto the back foot. Move out quickly, press down my lifter as I approach, and aim predominantly for his front corners and/or sides of his lifting forks. If I get under first, great; force my way under, lift him up – copying his movements if he tries driving off – and flip him over, following up from there. If he gets under first, don’t panic; either reverse j-turn off and counterattack from the side if he starts to lift, or drive over the top or off the side if he hasn’t. Beware of him moving with me though, and be ready to dodge and counter if so!
When attacking, keep him flipped and do everything possible to keep him from righting himself. Pin him between my arm/forks, squash him against the walls to wear down the clock, and if he’s started lifting, use my forks to jam underneath his arm and pick him up. I can potentially kill him two ways; either lifting him over the wall if I trap him in the corner, or propping him back-to-the-floor against it to pin him. Either way; constantly take the fight to him, actively stop him from recovering, limit him near the walls/corners to take away his speed advantage, pursue him if he runs away, and force him onto the defensive constantly.
As for MY defence, it’s mostly aggressive and constantly being aware of who’s getting under who. Be ready to immediately drive off/over and counterattack if he does, press down my arm and aim for where his wedges will be weakest, avoid the corners if I'm not taking him to them myself, and if he does flip me, then escape before self-righting and resuming. Be as slippery and aggressive as possible throughout!

Good luck!

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