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Super Youkai Warhead vs Diablo Genesis III

Posted: Sun May 05, 2019 12:01 am
by Wolf51-50
Lifter, normal wedge, forks on

SYW 6/4(+1)/1/8/11(6 saw/2 clamp)

DGIII: 7/6/4/3/10(+3 wedge)

His lifter only covers the very front of him and I have the slightest speed advantage.

Angle in at the start because my wedge beats his hinged side wedges Once under, lift to carry or flip. Clamp after and take him into the saucer hazards. Repeat. If this doesn't work, try head on and press before contact. If he does get under, I STILL have another wedge at my disposal in the dustpan. Use my wheels to push him around if they're still connected. Ise my lifter to break free if not. Try not to get sawed, but he won't really be able to on my lifter.

Good luck