CBC MW WK 13: Vortex 3 vs Harpy

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CBC MW WK 13: Vortex 3 vs Harpy

Post by Shaba117 » Sat May 04, 2019 8:56 pm

Vortex 3Harpy
Speed: 6 Speed: 8
Traction: 5 Traction: 8
Torque: 2 Torque: 3
Weapon: 7 (Lifter: 5 / Drum: 5) Weapon: 0
Armour: 10 (+1 front wedge) Armour: 10 (+2 spikes)
Config: N/A Config: Spikes
Vortex 3 has an interesting form of momentum with his screw-propelled chassis. The description sounds similar to mecanums, so i guess they also have the same knockback traction deficit, as well...not totally sure, though. Wedging advantage? Looks like 60/40% to me with the spikes giving me that minor advantage.

3-2-1, LAUNCH-I'm going for the 'To Infinity and Beyond' goal, this time! Get some major air, then get right into Vortex's face-don't try to angle-just in. his. face. And, I just might be too low-profile for his drum to hit, and even if it does, it'll knock be back some, but it's not an overally powerful weapon, and there's no worry about going OOTA here. I'll just reverse just to give enough of a seperation space, then charge in again. I get under, then I shove him into whatever hazard is the closest....keep repeating.

If I find myself backpedaling more than on the offensive, then engage the ramp first as just a hazard by trying to fool him into what direction that I'm attacking from and catch him off-guard. If not, use the actual ramp itself and try to get him to play, as well. It'be cool if I could engage in a pushing match atop it and push him off at the top, which is a nice drop and could even cause Vortex to land inverted, where I could capitalize on, wedging wise and buy me some more points. But yeah, this fight will very likely go the distance and I need to keep the controlled aggression at a maximum!

Other than that, don't drive like an idiot and get caught up in the corner hazards.

GL, Noisy!

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