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CBC3 Week 13 - Harrowdown Hill V.S. Cuddle Time!

Posted: Sat May 04, 2019 1:54 pm
by Sylandrophol
Hoo boy, this is going to be interesting.

Spin up, and keep my weapon spinning. They have a clamping setup, and a "fuck off!" wedge on their back, so eye that. I want to be pretty aggressive and sneaky here--and I expect them to do the same, so watch out for that too. I want to go for their sides, and chain hits--toss em around the arena and into the hazards and prevent them from recovering, but avoid the hazards myself if i'm not bullying them into them, and avoid getting plowed into the hazards myself.

Stay on top of them as much as i can, and try not to give them any leeway. J-Hook ASAP if wedged, and try to fool them into making a false start--so i can go into the kill. Watch to see if they see through my stuff, and just generally watch to see if they pull any monkey business. Avoid hazard baiting, and stay near the center of the arena.

Good luck!

Re: CBC3 Week 13 - Harrowdown Hill V.S. Cuddle Time!

Posted: Sat May 04, 2019 8:51 pm
by Archangel
CT!: Speed: 7 / Traction: 6 / Torque: 1 / Weapon: 7 (5 clamp/5 lifter) / Armor: 9 (+2 front OR rear wedge) USING FORKS
HH: Speed: 6 / Traction: 4 / Torque: 1 / Weapon: 9 / Armor: 10 (+2 front wedges)


well IDK what config they're using but it's probably wedge based. I have the better wedge when pressing. my forks are t h i c c so angling in on them isn't that easy really. I have the better speed and control, so getting around my front is even harder for them. their weapon barely damages me.

I should be moderately aggressive. I want to be able to watch and listen to their movements, so that I can counter angling in or other tricks when I see it, but in general I should be setting the tempo of the matchup with aggressive pressing attacks, ready to j-hook back to counter in angling attempts from my less well controlled and slower opponent.

When I get under, lift immediately. I can flip here: their inversion supports are unecessarily long, and the weapon only spins one way (unless it's in bar mode, but then the bars looks about as strong as a house made of lincoln logs and they're suboptimal for wedge matchups anyway, since they're more likely to be blocked from spinning closer to the axle, and therefore have a harder time gaining spinup time, and also have less weight towards the outside of the weapon and therefore hold inertia worse), so having them inverted a lot is nice. I dont necessarily want to keep them upside down if I'm bullying them though: lifting them up most of the way and then ramming, or pancake flipping them towards hazards are both great options if I think I can get that much value out of a single engagement. feed to hazards, try to strand on the ramp or walls, wall pin, etc. the usual.

I should always engage front to front: it will protect me from taking damage if they get under me. if flipped, I have the usual inverted mobility and ability to self-right in 2 different directions. never take an engagement that leaves me cornered if possible, and I should be able to get out of most sticky situations more or less unharmed.