CBC3 Week 13 - Neophyte Redglare V.S. Psychosis

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CBC3 Week 13 - Neophyte Redglare V.S. Psychosis

Post by Sylandrophol » Fri May 03, 2019 10:01 pm

Alright, so they have a weapon that's able to interchangeably be used as a plow--or an overhead spinning weapon. They also have hinged wedges on the side, so i'm gonna have to eye that, along with their weapon. I'm gonna refrain from using me lifting wedge and top forks unless I have to.

I am faster than them, so i'm going to have to use my speed and maneuverability to my advantage here. I want to aim for their sides here--I'm expecting them to watch and expect me to that, so i'm going to have to eye and watch out to see if they account for that too. I want to shove and pin them into the hazards--especially the flying saucers. But other than that? I want to stay near the center of the arena, and avoid the hazards if i'm not plowing and pinning them into that.

Eye any monkey business and shenanigans from them, and be aggressive myself--don't let them get any leeway here. J-Hook ASAP if wedged, you know the deal.

Good luck!

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Re: CBC3 Week 13 - Neophyte Redglare V.S. Psychosis

Post by attackfrog » Sat May 04, 2019 10:37 pm

Uhh.... yeah. What a way to end the season.

The spinner's basically useless here, and with lower torque, speed, and traction than NR I'm not going to be doing much on the control front either. My only advantage is that my lifter is a bit more powerful, and my forks are more pointy.

So what can I do with that? I can press my plow thing to the ground and try to out-wedge NR, then lift it up a bit before it slips off my wedge again. I'll keep doing that as many times as it takes for the judges and audience to acknowledge that I am the winner (if they don't fall asleep first.)

I can also show aggression by just charging in like an angry lion! Hear me roar! I'll show you all! (This should make it harder for Neophyte Redglare to angle in on me as well.)

Thus will end the saga of Psychosis.

Good luck, Syl!

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