CBC3 HW Week 12: Spitfire vs Coup de Grâce IV

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CBC3 HW Week 12: Spitfire vs Coup de Grâce IV

Post by Mole55 » Sat Apr 27, 2019 9:10 pm

Spd:6/Tra:6/Trq:2/Wep:6(4 flame/4 lift/clamp)/Arm:10

Coup de Grâce IV
Speed: 5
Traction: 3
Armor: 8 (+2 front including the spheres on the sides)
Weapon: 13
Torque: 1

Oooooh a match I feel I stand a chance of winning???

Start with the arm up, and use my superior drivetrain to try and angle in. Then clamp, and get the FIRE on. Try and then get it under Lenin's Hammers, and smash away with the flame on it. After 20 seconds of direct contact, I should start doing damage.

If he gets under me, or me in the path of the hammer, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, AS FAR AS YOU CAN. Use my good drive to run away.

Then try and get back under.

Be in control, GL

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Re: CBC3 HW Week 12: Spitfire vs Coup de Grâce IV

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Sat Apr 27, 2019 9:57 pm

HFL here ghost-RPing for W0lf on request due to personal reasons.

Okay wedge wars are pretty much a tossup. I am worried about his maneuverability advantage though.

Come out cautiously, keep my front lined up with him and try to attack with my back towards the wall, not towards Stalin’s Sickle. If he’s using his lifter as a clamp, see if I can hit the thing with the hammer: that could mess up its drivetrain. Don’t keep doing this if I miss more that 2-3 times. Otherwise, don’t fire the hammer until the wedges have met, and once they have wail on him. If I’m under his wedge I can get a good hit without bouncing in the air, and the same is true if he’s got me clamped. If I’m wedged or clamped I also need to jostle myself loose since I don’t have much ground clearance. Fortunately his clamp geometry’s not going to really bite into a sloped surface very well.

Basically beat the snot out of him: a 13-power hammer against 10 armor is a serious KO threat if I can keep getting hits in. Stay away from the hazards, especially the sickle. Don’t worry about the Gulag wall: that lifter doesn’t have the power or range of motion to get me out.

Good Luck etc.

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