Dreadnought MK4 VS Pendulum 2

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Dreadnought MK4 VS Pendulum 2

Post by GF93 » Fri Apr 26, 2019 10:13 am

Solid Wedge Tip.

Pendulum 2
Speed: 6
Traction: 5
Armour: 6
Weapon: 12 (Pneumatic Axe)
Torque: 1
Dreadnought MK4
Speed: 7
Traction: 6
Torque: 3
Weapon: 3 (Front-Hinged Pneumatic Flipper)
Armour: 11
Now he's the King of the Swingers, the robot VIP; he's next to fight, only got tonight, and that's what's bothering me! Pendulum is pretty mobile and has a strong-looking axe and wedge setup, so I’ll have to be careful not to get spiked. I've still got the stronger drivetrain however — especially with regard to my torque/acceleration and manoeuvrability – as well as sufficient armour to resist the axe for the most part. Combined with my flipper, his poor armour, and his wedges likely being chassis-based as opposed to hinged, that puts me in a good position to keep him on his back and stopped from self-righting and bringing the axe into play.

So here; the usual strategic aggression will work, but at the same time constantly paying attention to his axe radius. Move out quickly, aim for the sides/corners, force my way under, flip, and get shoving. Mix it up as needed; feint attacks toward his front corners and reverse the moment I get into the hammer's radius, or ram but don't flip immediately; drive under, go out the other end to bait him into swinging, then turn around, get under and flip whilst he retracts. Keep it varied, only flip when I'm definitely underneath, and don't let him land any blows!

Attack aggressively! Keep underneath and him on his back as much as possible to stop him using the axe, copy his movements if he tries driving off, pursue him if he runs away and cut off any potential escape routes, and keep him herded near the walls/hazards to limit his movement. Force him into the Hammers/Sickles or into the walls to cause damage and wear down the clock, actively interfere with any attempts to self-right/retract his axe and predominantly go for a knockout by either flipping him out the arena, or by getting him to waste all his gas self-righting.

Defence is mostly the aggressive kind, but protecting my flipper mechanisms will also be very important. Keep it closed when I'm not underneath, only fire when I definitely am, and approach away from it whenever I have the opportunity. Keep a good berth from the hazards when not using them myself, actively take the fight to him constantly, and keep my approaches varied and unpredictable tto either avoid or bait him into drawing his attacks. Conserve as much gas for OOTA attempts as I can!

Good luck!

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