CBC3 SHW Week 12: Hartmann's Youkai Bot II vs Final Boss

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CBC3 SHW Week 12: Hartmann's Youkai Bot II vs Final Boss

Post by Trihunter » Thu Apr 25, 2019 6:17 am

Hartmann's Youkai Bot IIFinal Boss
Speed: 4Speed: 7
Traction: 2Traction: 6
Torque: 1Torque: 2
Weapon: 16Weapon: 10
Armour: 7Armour: 5
Config: Subterranean Rose (2 toothed disk)Config: N/A
Final Boss, meet secret boss.

It's gonna be fairly simple this time. Spin up as we leave the corner, get into the main area get get cozy in a spot without too many hazards nearby. Play defensive, keep FB facing the spinner as much as possible. Once they get close enough, RIP AND TEAR, throw the skirts away and get into the meaty bits of the chassis. Every strike we hit them with at full power deals potentially lethal damage. We don't have to play too aggressively this time, just lurk away from the walls and spinner, and aim ourselves so they never get close to the chassis, having to deal with the spinner at all times. Recover from recoil fairly quickly where possible, prioritising getting the blade facing them and up to speed, before proceeding to a safer position if we get the chance. It's unlikely it'll do much, but if we can shred the flipper first, that would be preferred. On the off-chance they do get around the back, utilise what drive we do have to either shake FB off and counterattack, or force them into contact with the disk in the hollow of the chassis. Pivoting to ensure the flipper plate is nowhere near the wheels (assuming it's still functioning) is a priority in that situation.

Overall, do your standard undercutter stuff, make the opponent deal with the blade and tear their face off.

Best of luck.
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Re: CBC3 SHW Week 12: Hartmann's Youkai Bot II vs Final Boss

Post by NWOWWE » Sat Apr 27, 2019 10:09 pm

-Well that weapon will hurt, no two ways about it, but this is far from an impossible fight.

-I think the best course of action will be to try and utilize the Gulag pit to try and put him out of commission, and hopefully do it early.

-I basically need to do whatever is needed to get him positioned between myself and the pit, and if it can be managed, get him positioned relatively close to the pit as well. In any case, once I have this positioning charge right at him! This will be a big ouchie moment for me to be sure, but he should be launched backward towards the pit.

-Supreme luck would have the recoil be great enough that he's sent tumbling over the wall without further effort from me needed. A good net positive would have him at least pretty darn close to the wall. If that's the case, then charge back in as soon as I can (hopefully getting to him before the weapon gets back up to speed) and wedging and flipping him over. I should have enough power to to get him over, even if it takes a few tries.

-At the very least I should be able to keep him pinned/juggled at the wall and at least be keeping him from getting the weapon back in play.

-Try to keep the fight in this area as much as I can and just try to keep him from getting the disc in play as much as possible until I can either pit him, or the time limit is reached.

Good Luck!
Area51Escapee,Jan 30 2011 wrote:
Spatula,Jan 29 2011 wrote: I should go 3-1 this week but it'll probably be something like 0-4 or 0-5.
It sucks going 0-5. You lose all 4 of your bot fights for the week and you also lose at life.