CBC3: Carbonemys vs Jackal

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CBC3: Carbonemys vs Jackal

Post by The Monsterworks » Sat Apr 20, 2019 11:57 pm

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Carbonemys: 4/1+1/1/15+1/9 (+1 wedge)

Jackal: 6/5/4/3/12

Turtling sucks, but I’m a turtle. Head straight for the closest corner and turtle there. With 15+1 damage, I’m doing four on every shot which is pretty srs bsns. The hazards only deal 2 points to me and hit from above, where my tracks are covered and I have lots of deadspace. My height and awkward shape are going to make it very hard for him to clamp me and, if he uses his upper attachment as a keepaway stick, my weapon probably has the range to hit behind it. If not, he doesn’t have a huge speed advantage (8-6), so just give him my flank for free and dart forward right as we make contact so the front half of my bot is free and the middle can act as a pivot point. Then, use his own onrushing momentum and a sharp turn to hook in and unload on his front corner. If all that fails, just monstertruck over him in reverse.

Prime strategy is to turtle, cutting his approach angles from 360 to 90 degrees, and hammer his bot with extreme prejudice. More generally, do what I’ve done against every heavily-armoured control bot I’ve faced, which is to counterpunch when wedged. He can’t do appreciable damage to me. I can do heavy damage to him. His margins for error are significantly smaller and the onus is ultimately on him to survive for three minutes. Line up and bring the hammer down with rabid aggression whenever wedged. Alex V will obviously bait. Don’t fall for it. Wait ‘til I see the whites of his eyes. If he raises that arm as a hammer blocker, his weapons are on the same mechanism, I think that’d mean he presses as well, halving his torque and hampering his maneuverability. Counter with the pivot point strategy outlined above. If I’m turtling while he does it, keep lined up front-to-front and fire away at that lifter. He’s not demonstrating much except the ability to get hit repeatedly.

If he’s pushing me towards hazards, hammer the whole way, playing mostly passive movement-wise on his wedge, then suddenly hook away. Yeah, he’ll say ‘follow his movements’ or whatever. Easier said than done. Reaction time’s a thing. Overall, Plan A = turtling, General plan = counterpunch aggressively, use my only slight speed disadvantage to be slippery and hard to control. Just keep firing away.

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