CBC LW Week 11: Sleipnir v Evil Destroyer

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CBC LW Week 11: Sleipnir v Evil Destroyer

Post by Mole55 » Sat Apr 20, 2019 8:03 pm

I'm using the plow config, and just having a rather chill song I like on organ:

Straight out of the gates, go at him, whilst noticing what side he's going for, and trying to turn towards it. If he tries to then swing his weapon all the way around, I'm expecting the sudden imbalance in the robot's weight to tip it over slightly, at which point I will rush in, get underneath, and smash him into the wall. Keep him pinned until I have to let him go.

If he does keep the weapon there, just go straight at it, to throw him, at which point I then go in and pin him.

Either way, once I'm told to un-pin, back off, let him move maybe half a meter from the wall, and go straight back in, his weapon shouldn't have had time to get up to speed.

If his weapon ever gets properly up to speed, just try and get a head-on collision with it, which I think is doable, given my drivetrain. Once he's thrown backwards, go back in for a pin.


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Re: CBC LW Week 11: Sleipnir v Evil Destroyer

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Sat Apr 20, 2019 9:40 pm

Using extended bar but in the mid cutter position instead of the overhead shown, sorry for not having a render of this exact config, otherwise it would be redundant. (And yes, i did state in the singups that i can do this and no, it doesn't hit my chasis (i checked))

I deal 2 damage to his wedge and 4 everywhere else.
If i can see properly his plow is slightly shorter that the rest of the bot, at least if you include the wheels.
He is fast, but my turret is faster.
My weight bonus will make it somewhat harder for his 2 torque to push me.

This is the plan, let him go at me and move my weapon to the side so he goes at my chasis and then, when the bar is at full power, hit him from the side, maybe top as that might happen if i get on top of that plow. Repeat this to win.
Of course he might try to go for the weapon instead of my chasis and just tank it, then i will switch my strategy. Use the telescopic lifter to get my spinner above his chasis where he can't reach it until i am at full power. Meanwhile the only way he can interact with me is to push my chasis. Then i will bring my weapon assembly down, if i am on top of his plow i might land a direct hit on his chasis, otherwise i will hit his wheels, and 4 damage (maybe corner damage?) is enough to seriously compromise them. Naturally the goal is to disable all the wheels tho 8 is a lot of them. Still, the more i take down, the harder it will be for Sleipnir to drive. Aiming for only one side might prove to be more effective. Turning my chasis so he reaches me from my side will add some range, helping with the rear pair of wheels. Also if i break all but the rear pair off wheels he will have a hard time turning or even pushing me, making it easier for me to do something like hitting the side of his plow to turn the bot, getting the last wheels in range.

If he pins me i can still lift my weapon, allowing me to continue with my plan even during the pin.
Naturally i want to stay away from the hazards. Also be aggressive and always move towards him to get more aggression points for the likely judges decision.
Also, obligatory don't drive like an idiot and GL HF
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