Spitfire v Black Diamond

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Spitfire v Black Diamond

Post by Mole55 » Sat Apr 13, 2019 6:25 pm

Turn up in case he forfeits?

Idk man, start with the arm up, once under, clamp and ram him into hazards.

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The Monsterworks
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Re: Spitfire v Black Diamond

Post by The Monsterworks » Sat Apr 13, 2019 11:05 pm

Black Diamond: 8/6/2/5/9


Spitfire: 6/6/2/6(4/4)/10

Both of us will take some damage fromt he hazards, but not a great deal. Just protect the wheels, mostly. The main thing here will just be outwedging him by using my speed advantage to angle in on his little prongs, which render the entire rest of his wedge not flush with the ground. Said speed edge will also be useful in quickly and sneakily activating the hazards without him catching me. After that, it's using my weapon to ruthlessly chuck him into those hazards. He can maneuver off of my wedge, but I have the speed to follow his movements and keep with him but, more importantly, a weapon that fires instantly and can really toss him. Go for a fling into the murdersaw or right over it and OOTA.

Defensively, if I get outwedged, put that 8 speed to use and j-hook the hell off immediately. Fire the flipper if need be to jar myself from his clamp if I'm a bit slow. Worse comes to worst, we're even in torque and he's not high-centering me. It just becomes a pushing contest where we're dead even at worst, or my speed advantage gives me a marginal edge. So just counter him and force a deadlock to prevent him taking me to the hazards. That's really going to be the difference in this match: I can counter his weapon use consistently and effectively whil he can't do the same with mine. Just fire the flipper as soon as he's wedged and try to chain him. I mean...he also can't self-right so, if it's better to keep him inverted and just pit him, then do that. Just be Alex V levels of pragmatic here.

Good luck, dude!
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