CBC3 LW: Phobos Anomaly vs Tidal Wave II

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CBC3 LW: Phobos Anomaly vs Tidal Wave II

Post by Hiicantpk » Sat Apr 06, 2019 11:08 pm

Phobos AnomalyTidal Wave II
Speed: 4Speed: 5
Traction: 1 (+1 Treads)Traction: 4
Torque: 1Torque: 1
Weapon: Bot1: 7 (5 to each), Bot2: 12Weapon: 14
Armour: Bot1: 9 +3 Clamp, Bot2: 6 Armour: 6
Config: 1 Clamp, 1 HammerConfig: Shields on
Shields On.

The main part of this arena is pretty small, so there isn't going to be a lot of room for one of the two bots in the cluster to try to flank. Also they're slower than Tidal Wave, have worse control, and have zero wedging capability (on the hammer one). Also 6 armour on the main part of the bot (and 12 on the clamp arm, but hitting that will do plenty of shock damage)

Start facing away from the door into the main part, spin up, push through backwards and rotate around. Phobos may have trouble pushing open the doors with its stats and since they're both considerably lighter than the average bot pushing through here.
I don't know which will exit first, but aim for that one and rush it. If they're forced through the choke point of the door, they won't have time to flank me before I'm on them and hitting one very hard and very fast. My two side shields will hopefully prevent the hammer from reaching over the front of my bot and hitting the main body, and should hold off the saw (even if they get cut into thats the point of the shields).

After the initial bout, for the first little bit stay close to the middle of the top/bottom walls. I want to reduce the angle they can attack me from and let me keep my weapon pointed at one of them. If one gets too close, pounce and try to hit them before the other bot can flank me.

If the match is still going about halfway through, start going aggressive and chasing the nearest one without allowing myself to get surrounded. If they do somehow surround me, charge at the one that is closest to my weapon (or in front of me)

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Re: CBC3 LW: Phobos Anomaly vs Tidal Wave II

Post by NWOWWE » Sat Apr 06, 2019 11:27 pm

-Okay, so we're running with one of each config. Gives me a bit more utility, but could also telegraph my plans a bit more so I'll need to make sure I'm top of my game here.

-Clamp Bro will take the lead and I'll aim to keep Hammer Bro a bit behind and off to the side and advance towards his side of the arena. The question becomes if he decides to ignore Hammer Bro as bait, or if he goes full on trying to demolish him. I could twist either case to my advantage.

-If he tries to ignore Clamp Bro, he basically just begging for him to scoop him up as he tries to pass by to get to Hammer Bro. At that point, all Clamp Bro needs to do is hold on to him just long enough for Hammer Bro to get into a position where he can strike without worrying about the drum. A few good shots from the hammer would hurt him something fierce so I could either put the fight away nice and early, or at the least severely injure him and make him easier to attack.

-If he decides to go after Clamp Bro, well sadly CB is gonna have to eat an ouchie hit from the drum, but it's all for the greater good since Tidal Wave will have to eat some recoil and I'll have Hammer Bro already making right for TW even as TW is moving to attack CB. It won't be as neat as the first case, but as long as I can get a shot or two in before I back off (to avoid his weapon) it's all worth it. Avoid the attack altogether if it looks like I won't be able to have HB close in without going straight at the drum.

-So basically by hook or crook try to clear as safe a path as possible for HB to get him some shots. Use CB as a shield as much as I can.

Good Luck!
Area51Escapee,Jan 30 2011 wrote:
Spatula,Jan 29 2011 wrote: I should go 3-1 this week but it'll probably be something like 0-4 or 0-5.
It sucks going 0-5. You lose all 4 of your bot fights for the week and you also lose at life.