Fenrir vs Santangelo

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Fenrir vs Santangelo

Post by Wolf51-50 » Fri Mar 29, 2019 8:29 pm

Santangelo - 8/7/2/1/12
Fenrir - 5/3/1/15/6

Awww the cheese wedge is trying to be a big boy with it's little flipper tank

1 weapon has limitations, especially in this division. Remember when Bronco struggled to flip Minotaur because the gyro was too strong? And that would probably be a 9 point flipper in ARC. A 1 point flipper IN THE SHW DIVISION might flick Fenrir up a little, and that's the best case scenario. The other, more important problem, is that it'll struggle to self right. If the SHW Bonzi Buddy in CBC1 couldn't self right with a 1 point flipper, how can he?
Keep the fight to the center and get underneath his wedge. Leaving his forks off means that I have a better chance of getting under, and leaving his forks on means that if I get under, I can bend those and make them useless in a few hits. 3 corner damage is enough to at least bend the wedge. If it's obvious that I'm not getting under after a few attempts (which I'll be surprised because it's a 2WD heavy hinged wedge vs fixed 2WD forks with the weight of a 70lb drum pushing them down), angle in very slightly before contact. While I'm under, push him back towards the wall while grinding at his body. If I flip him, I can easily remove those wheels at the back. Do so before he self rights in that case.
Is he flanking? Keep him relatively in front of me and do a small bit of gyroing to keep him away from my sides. If he gets under? He's either going to A: push me around in which I can just gyro, j hook, or literally monstertruck him, B: flip me, which will lead to me only getting flicked upward, and I can just gyro back onto my wheels or self right in the same fashion, or C: go for the OOTA. He can only flip me 1ft in the air and the walls are a 1 1/2. He's gonna really need to ram me to get me out, and that's only if I let him carry me around.
Overall, he needs to have perfect driving during the entire fight, when all I need to do is get under once to bend the wedge or flip him over to take out the wheels.

Good luck Lazzy

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Re: Fenrir vs Santangelo

Post by Madman » Sat Mar 30, 2019 10:54 am

Santangelo: 8/7/2/1/12 (teeth on)


Wolfyboi: 5/3/1/15/6

Aight, so this is Drew, and the lil guy just lives for the chance to talk shit, so I'm betting half his RP is going on about all the ways that Santangelo won't work even though it's worked fine for three fights and how his bot has tons of benefits and no drawbacks.

Press x to doubt.

Lucky choice of arena here: his 6 armour spinner would look tasty AF with hazards, but I guess we'll have to do this the boring way. The first thing I notice, that nobody has mentioned so far, is his -2 control ratio on a 15 power 2WD vert. This man tries turning quickly, any precise maneuvers like angling in and baiting are literally not gonna work and he's inviting runaway gyro. Wedgewise, we're dead even, both spiked 2WD, though he's going to experience a lot of gyro lift so I'll be able to get under more often in practice.

Even though he can't do a lot of damage to me and I wanna stay aggressive AF, l don't wanna just 'hulk smash' him head to head every time like I have no plan. I could get flipped, and while I can self-right and he doesn't have the speed to chain, it still looks bad. I have a big speed advantage, double his torque, and better control. Angle in on this mofo all day and laugh in 8 speed and better control when he attempts to counter.

My flipper's lol, so make a point of flipping while he's trying to turn and he's wheel lifting so I can actually get him over. Always keep him between me and the OOTA zones if we're close, and plow into him fearlessly if he's upside-down and flip to help him OOTA himself with his drum spinning the wrong way.

Overall, wedge this guy, flick him repeatedly with the flipper to interrupt his traction and maneuvers and flip him. He has loads of overhang at the back and his 'bottom' wheels don't seem to stick out and give clearance like his top ones, so he should be easy to high center on my wedge and drive where I want. That means relentless wall slams: particularly in the OOTA corners and particularly flipping as I slam him. I wanna Storm 2 this guy. If not, his drum's -5 and hitting walls. It's liable to wear down.

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