CBC Week 7 LW: Terpsichora vs. Sleipnir

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CBC Week 7 LW: Terpsichora vs. Sleipnir

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Sat Mar 23, 2019 9:39 am

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Speed: 5Speed: 8
Traction: 4Traction: 8
Torque: 1Torque: 3
Weapon: 13Weapon: No
Armour: 7Armour: 12 (+1 froks)


All right, Sleipnir’s insanely fast, with a 10-7 (effective) speed advantage. However, I have a 70-30 wedge advantage if I can make contact with his forks.

Start by driving up the ramp and turning off the side. This ought to buy me some time to spin up: if he’s crazy enough to box rush over it he’ll go flying. Once I’m up to speed, be aggressive and try to keep us colliding head-on. Use reversing turns to minimize gyrodancing, and keep the fight well clear of the Flying Saucers especially.

His forks are designed to get “flicked up” by vertical spinners if hit, so presumably there’s no angle limiters. However, they won’t stop his forward momentum, which with that drivetrain he’ll have a lot of. If his forks get hit he’ll just keep coming, straight into my weapon, and his forks are so light they’ll take very little energy away from it. 2 corner damage probably won’t KO, but it’s not insignificant, especially on his exposed front wheels. If I get a hit, keep up the pressure and keep knocking him around and flipping him as long as possible.

I’m also just gonna say: it doesn’t matter how good your armor is, thin metal forks like that at a very acute angle are NOT going to remain sharp when hit by a spinning weapon. It’s like putting a filleting knife in a Cuisinart.

If he wedges me he doesn’t have a way of high-centering me or holding me there. He can push really fast, but that also means that by turning and getting that huge pushing force off-center I can make his own power work against him by spinning me around and making me fall off his narrow wedge. If he pushes against my wide chassis from too far off-center this may happen regardless. Just pirouette to face him again and go right back on the attack.

Tl;dr be aggressive, don’t let him control me, chain hits and get some damage on the board when I can, avoid hazards.

Good Luck Etc.

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Re: CBC Week 7 LW: Terpsichora vs. Sleipnir

Post by Mole55 » Sat Mar 23, 2019 9:17 pm

Here's the plan:

He is massively slower than me. He can barely damage me. And whilst going fork-to-fork, I will probably lose, I stand a good chance against his non-forky bits, which are off the ground.

Go around the Big Boi Ramp, and try and angle in on his forks. Then push him into the big spinner hazards, which should do some damage. Keep ramming him into hazards.

J-hook away if he gets under me, as my forks are fully hinged. Try and avoid going head on, if it looks inevitable, start swerving to force him to gyro, and then get under.

Good luck.

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