CBC3 Week 5 - Harrowdown Hill V.S. The Gnasher

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CBC3 Week 5 - Harrowdown Hill V.S. The Gnasher

Post by Sylandrophol » Fri Mar 08, 2019 10:37 am

Hoo boy. Control spinner up against another control spinner. Except The Gnasher has more power than me.

Going for my normal setup--i should have enough armor and weapon armor to atleast deal with their spinner, but i want to avoid as much weapon-on-weapon impacts as much as i (humanly) can.

Keep my front facing towards them at all times and watch for any shenanigans that they might pull on their end, I can't afford to get hit on my main chassis, so as much hits from them that i can deflect with my front wedge--the better. Ultimately, this is a match that'll come down to driving, which will be tricky considering that we have pretty much even stats.

Anyways, i want to hit them from their sides or back, and try to launch them into the hazards--and try to keep them off their feet as much and prevent them from recovering as much as i can.

Keep away from the hazards as much as I can, stay near the center of the arena, gyrodance to self-right if i get flipped (that being said, try to avoid getting flipped as much as i can.)

Good luck!

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Re: CBC3 Week 5 - Harrowdown Hill V.S. The Gnasher

Post by attackfrog » Sat Mar 09, 2019 9:41 am

Since Harrowdown Hill has an anti-VS setup and The Gnasher is a VS I'll assume Syl is using that. Hope I'm right this time. The Gnasher is using it's "The Gnasher" config in which it has all the attachments depicted in my signup post at once. :V

Anyways, we've got two similar robots here. The Gnasher's a little better controlled and with a stronger weapon, Harrowdown Hill's got stronger armor. Neither of us are going to be doing damage to the front armor or weapon of either robot. This'll be about driving and who can get under who.

My beater gives me a bigger area of attack than Syl's disks, and though HH's 2wd wedge is in theory more effective, most of the weight is likely going onto those two forks in the front. My own forks will get past those and (probably) get under the front plate of HH. TG's beater should then catch the forks (or the disk) and send HH flying.

If The Gnasher gets flipped, it's completely invertible. Harrowdown Hill is not, so it'll be somewhat more vulnerable while it's upside down.

My plan is to go head-to-head with Harrowdown Hill, using my slight control advantage from my 4WD drivetrain and increased traction to make sure the interactions line up in my favor. Eventually, I hope, HH will end up getting knocked back and over, at which point I'll go for one of those exposed and weakly armored wheels (and then the other, if I get it.) I expect Syl to do the same, but I've got more wheels to lose before I'm out.

I'll avoid the hazards but knock Harrowdown Hill into them if I can.

Good luck Sylandro!

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