SHW: TAT vs Dysprosinator

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SHW: TAT vs Dysprosinator

Post by British-Robotics » Mon Feb 25, 2019 5:20 pm

TAT is slighty boxy and should be an easy target to get underneath, his weapon cannot hurt my armour and I have the better torque for push-battle situations. If I can out-wedge by angling in towards TAT. I’ll use my lifting weapon to start flipping him over.

If I successfully lift him off the arena floor, I want to carefully control my driving whilst my weapon is raised underneath TAT and quickly drive him towards the Hacksaws where the armament on TAT looks quite frail.

If things go right for me, I want to keep on pressurising TAT and angle in to continue flipping over him.

If things don’t go to plan, I will go by pressing the two buttons that activate the pit and near miss the rolling logs just to avoid losing tons of traction. I want to get in underneath TAT again and raise him off the arena floor once more and push him towards the pit rather carefully, don’t overcook my driving by over speeding towards the pit myself.

Good luck and may the best robot win. :)

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Re: SHW: TAT vs Dysprosinator

Post by Mole55 » Sat Mar 02, 2019 8:23 pm

Hang back, hope his RP is dumb. Let him come to me, and at the last second move out of the way, and see if runs into the house robot. If so, whilst he's being harassed, try and get round the side and chain some hits. This'll look nice even if it doesn't deal any damage.

Then run, and try a do similar thing with every hazard in the arena. Line up side on to it, and then drive out of the way as he comes to me, and hit him whilst he's distracted.

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