CBC W3 LWs: Terpsichora vs. Ayame

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CBC W3 LWs: Terpsichora vs. Ayame

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Fri Feb 22, 2019 4:30 am

Speed: 5 Speed: 8
Traction: 4Traction: 7
Torque: 1 Torque: 2
Weapon: 13Weapon: 2
Armour: 7 Armour: 11

Going Ko config (forks, more powerful weapon).

Start in reverse. Immediately turn the weapon on and reverse through the doors (so my forks don’t get stuck under), then swerve off to the side to avoid any box rushes and turn around. After that, stay in the main part of the arena.

With Ayame my strategy is basically to not get flanked or angled in on while showing as much aggression as possible. Make fairly wide turns to avoid wheel lift, although in the cramped arena that has limits. I have a slight wedge advantage, but he’ll still be able to get under me sometimes. If I’m wedged, immediately spin in a random direction: gyro forces should make me perform a J-turn. If he’s got me close to a wall or hazard drive forward and try to monstertruck off to the side.

If I get a hit, go for a followup ONCE before backing off to spin back up. I need momentum in my weapon to self-right, so I don’t want to get greedy against a flipper. 2-point corner damage probably won’t KO but it is enough to bend stuff. When going for a followup, prioritize trying to either hit his flipper lip when he’s inverted or catch him with his flipper raised after self-righting and hit the corners of his chassis. Bending those upward could keep his flipper from closing all the way because of the way its corners fit over the chassis, and that will REALLY screw up his wedge. Curling part of his flipper tip downward will also really leave most of it not flush with the ground. Either way, once his wedge is damaged enough that I’m winning the wedge war a lot more than 60% of the time I can start being more aggressive and punting him around the box.

Seriously, stay OUT of the flanking squares. The house robots and pits are more dangerous to me than to him. If he forces me into them consider using housebots as cover to spin back up, but don’t play around the OOTA areas unless he really leaves himself open, and get back into the main area ASAP.

Good Luck etc. Etc.

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Re: CBC W3 LWs: Terpsichora vs. Ayame

Post by GF93 » Sat Feb 23, 2019 11:02 pm

Pretty decent vertical spinner with unusual different configurations, some tricky driving capabilities from the rear wheels, and a powerful weapon; so I'll want to be careful to avoid being monster-trucked and accordingly clobbered, especially after last time. However, the drive stats are almost half compared to mine in all fields, the forks look susceptible to angling in -- especially with my agility and heavier wedge -- and with the gyroscopic forces going like crazy, it'll leave itself vulnerable with even one mistimed turn.

Move out quickly through the doors, and as I approach, watch him closely to see how he does so likewise; especially if he looks to try any crazy driving stunts to whip around my sides or something. When he's free to move around; aggressive, use my speed to circle around from a relatively safe distance and force him to oversteer (thus gyro) to face me. When he starts to rise up, dive in underneath (mostly via the sides/wedge corners), flip, and get shoving/comboing from there. If he hangs near the wall to prevent this, either park nearby and wait for him to come out, or get round the sides/corners if any are open.

To attack, mostly focus on keeping underneath, chaining flips, and getting him to land on his drum and thus cause himself damage. If I'm underneath, immediately copy his movements to keep him trapped if he tries driving or turning off (with my wedge, huge probability he'll try), and do my best to force him into the walls/hazards/CPZes. Squash him into the walls to wear down the clock, chase him down and block his escape routes if he runs away, keep the pressure on and punish him whenever he whiffs an approach.

Defence mostly comes down to using good common sense and protecting my wedge tip throughout; avoid attacking directly head-on, and if he makes a move for it, be ready to dodge accordingly then counter. Stay laser-focused constantly; beware any sudden manoeuvres and copy them if he tries monster-trucking, avoid hazards if not using them myself, and if flipped, self-right and escape immediately to stop him following up. If the fight goes into the CPZes, by all means take advantage and force him into danger, but always be aware of where the house bots are and have an escape route. Go for an OOTA if I can!

Good luck!

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