CBC3 HW Week 2: Petaflare vs Spitfire

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CBC3 HW Week 2: Petaflare vs Spitfire

Post by Trihunter » Thu Feb 14, 2019 5:40 pm

Speed: 5Speed: 6
Traction: 4Traction: 6
Torque: 1Torque: 2
Weapon: 13 (12 Crusher / 1 Srimech)Weapon: 6 (4 Flamethrower / 4 Flamp)
Armour: 6Armour: 10
Standard config declared.

Okay, starting off, we deal 4 damage a crush. Meanwhile, their flamethrower takes 15 out of 30 seconds to "penetrate" and considering our designs it's unlikely they'll be able to grab onto any part with tech inside (not that we want to let them try, of course). Our speed is close, but not close enough for him to trump me when I play defensive. Therefore, I'll be doing a lot of that.

Odds are he's gonna try to angle in on us. Make a slow approach, and watch their approach, positioning ourselves to trump any angling in attempts. If we get purchase, grab on and shunt them towards the IEDs whilst crushing, though not actually moving onto said IEDs. Maybe have a shot at crushing in enough, then lifting them clean into the air for greater control as we reposition, that old party trick? It's possible I'll get pushed around by them even whilst grabbing, so just try to use the drive we have to avoid the IEDs. Given the choice, crush the area behind the wedge as opposed to on it, for better grip. If we lose the wedge wars, J-hook away, and give it another go. Throughout the match, take it fairly slow and defensive, positioning ourselves to keep them facing our wedge and us away from the hazards. Whilst it'd be nice to get Spitfire tossed over by the central IED if possible, it's not something we can reliably push for, other than baiting. If they do go belly-up, go more aggressive with our movements, going for shots at the juicy underbelly. Hazards aren't necessarily beneficial to us, but keep them in mind when playing the arena, perhaps dumping them into the IED at the end of our pin time?

Srimech swiftly if flipped, try not to fall for baits, and keep an eye on any tricks they try on us. Keep it careful, crush hard, set off the sparks and klaxon when we get in a good hit, the usual.

Best of luck, Mole, and may the best bot win.
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Re: CBC3 HW Week 2: Petaflare vs Spitfire

Post by Mole55 » Sat Feb 16, 2019 5:30 pm

So, looking at these robots, I have a better drivetrain, and enough armour to withstand his crusher.

Start with the lifter/clamp up.

Immediately try and angle in on Peta's wings, and grab hold of them with the clamp. Then just drive around and smash him into walls. Keep smashing him into walls.

If this fails the first time, reverse away and then go head on, and hope my narrower forks get under. When they do get under, then do the exact same thing (clamp down and push into walls.)

Whenever they get under me, immediately try to reverse away and then go again.

I should be able to reverse away before their crusher can come down, if they do get under me.

Good luck Tri

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