CBC3 Week 1 - Harrowdown Hill V.S. Killjoy 2

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CBC3 Week 1 - Harrowdown Hill V.S. Killjoy 2

Post by Sylandrophol » Sun Feb 03, 2019 4:40 pm

Going with the normal setup. (discs, no anti-vert wedge)

This is going to be tricky, considering we have similar stat setups. Spin up, keep near the middle of the arena--avoid the main central spinning hazards, and the outward walls. Keep my front pointed towards them whenever i'm able too, and try to bang 'em around towards the outer walls of the arena.

Go for their sides and back, and watch if they see me going for them. Matador and go for the kill if they box rush me, and J-Hook it ASAP if i get on their lifters. Watch for any shenanigans, too.

Good luck!
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Re: CBC3 Week 1 - Harrowdown Hill V.S. Killjoy 2

Post by NoiseyGiraffe » Fri Feb 08, 2019 11:06 pm

We have the same drivetrain but I have more torque so I will win a pushing battle. My armour vs their weapon are too similar to do damage but my saw will go through their top armour. I also have the better wedge as I have a powered lifter and my wheel-pods can also act as a powered pressing wedge by using the saw arm as a wheelie bar (similar to what i've done previously with Bruxish and old Hellfire).

At the start, use the saw arm to press the wheel-pods down so I will get under their wedge. Then drive towards them and use the lifter to flip them over and when they're on their back use the saw to clamp and saw into their base plate. Once i've got a good hold, lift them up and carry them around to extend my sawing time. When I have to let them go, place them on one of the IEDs and reset to my starting stance with the saw pressing wedge. Then go after them again and repeat my starting move until their immobile. Avoid the hazards and the edge of the arena.

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